Peter Jaffray

Studied Master of Business Administration at the University of Alberta. Currently lives in Manitoba and spends time in Alberta.

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Richard Seguin
Richard Seguin
Firstline Nutrition & Supplements
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This team is amazing. They keep customers flowing through my door when the rest of the market struggles. I have nothing but great things to say about Jordan, Adrienne, and Choice OMG. We've come a long way over the years and I can count on you for graphics and digital marketing whenever I need it.
PPCLI Canadian Forces Website Created by ChoiceOMG
Peter Jaffray

Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

The PPCLI website is our favourite. The Patricia’s are well known and respected the world over. This multi-talented organisation needed a site to inform troops, veterans and supporters. The Patricia’s publish their own content.

Alberta Business Broker Get's Traffic
Peter Jaffray

Alberta Business Sales Inc.

This SEO project was a smart investment for the owner. He’s tried many SEO companies over the years, but ChoiceOMG has been the best.

Birdtail Waterfowl Website Design
Peter Jaffray

Birdtail Waterfowl

Media rich website backed by Amazon’s Cloudfront network for lightning fast video delivery. Huge SEO Wins on this one. Birdtail Waterfowl is featured by Travel Manitoba as a premier destination to experience what the province has to offer. The website is the brainchild of Paul and ChoiceOMG executed the design and development based on his creative brief.

Roka Hair Salon - ChoiceOMG web design portfolio
Peter Jaffray

Roka Hair Design

Millwoods Hair Salon/Hair Cuts – Roka Hair Hair Cut and Colour in Millwoods: Buy salon product, book online, and get professional salon services. Now hiring

Bellie & Me Cakes and Cupcakes Bakery Website Created by ChoiceOMG
Peter Jaffray

Bellie & Me Cakes and Cupcakes

Cakes and Wedding Cakes in Edmonton and Winnipeg. This bakery web design has a lot of Social Media marketing power and sells wedding cakes.

Peter Jaffray

Create an Awesome Digital Marketing Strategy: Part 1

Are you ready to create a digital marketing strategy for your small business? It is likely that you have thought about Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, or YouTube. Learn more about how this process can work in Part 1.

How to take screenshots on Windows and Gnome
Peter Jaffray

How to Take Effective Screenshots

Have you ever wanted to highlight a menu item or get support about something you see on your screen? Take a screenshot.

Gateway Construction - ChoiceOMG web design portfolio
Peter Jaffray

Gateway Construction & Engineering

Gateway construction is a large general contractor with massive projects. They wanted to showcase their projects online so anyone researching their company can now understand who they are.

FL Nutrition Poster

Nutritional posters We provide excellent graphic design services and either print in the house or broker your printing through a local partner in your area.

FL Nutrition Supplement Flyer

We’ve created several product flyers for local companies. We can manage the printing for you or you can use your preferred print company. Source files are provided so the CHOICE is yours.

Peter Jaffray

Maximum Realty Vinyl Decals

Choice offers exceptional graphic design customized for your business. We can design, print, and install your custom graphics on your company vehicles with short notice.

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