Get your business online and take it global

We provide online marketing services with a team of specialists in Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Ads

We manage advertising campaigns for advertisers and their agencies.

Our primary function is advertising, and for many partner agencies, we form a valuable part of their bundled service offering. We are now almost wholly an agency partner company.  Our partners are skilled in sales and customer service while we beef up their service offering with Creative Advertising solutions.

We manage Google Ad, Facebook Ad, and Microsoft Ad campaigns. If you or your client are launching a marketing campaign, we make an excellent choice.

Would you like us to manage your advertising?

We focus on the creative ad design process in markets where automation and machine learning technologies have the power to amplify messages globally.

As Canadian professionals, we offer a lot more than talent; when you use a Canadian advertising agency such as Choice, you pay in CAD.

In Canada, we also have a multi-cultural society. First-generation Canadian citizens come from across the globe reflected in our team of diversity and depth here at Choice.

Cutting-edge digital marketing tactics and a comprehensive online marketing strategy

  • Web Advertising - Ad media placed across Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Advertising.
  • Search Optimization - Careful monitoring of search signals to ensure the right audience finds you when searching for your products and services.
  • Creative Ad Design - Designing media so that the right audience engages with it in predictable ways.
  • Ecommerce - Be ready to monetize online. Close the loop and conduct the fullcircle of your business process and admin functions online.