Thanks to a lot of hard work and excellent feedback from our partners, Choice Tech is now going live, and our new product development program is in place. Due to the difference between the services provided by Choice Marketing and what will be provided by the latest Technology Solution division, we are creating a new brand for Choice Tech and approaching the model from an E2E perspective. Here is a rundown of what to expect from this new Choice division.

The New Choice Tech Brand and Technology Solutions as a Managed Service

With a new Product Partnership program, client partners can access skillful talent in exchange for an equity stake rather than cash. Entrepreneurs and investors will benefit from goal alignment by exchanging work for ownership in product development. By working with software engineers, CTOs, and sophisticated developers who work for ownership in the company, you are no longer insourcing; you are bringing on a partner. Essentially, by having the technology partner put some “skin in the game,” the drive to create a profitable long-term solution is much higher than a - short-term “delivered on schedule” and “as described” - a solution that outsourced technology providers offer.

It’s a game-changing idea that makes a lot of sense for Choice OMG Inc., a company that has been in business since 2010 and has a client retention rate that is quite impressive. “Many of our clients, our employees, and our relationships are several years in the making. We have grown with our current clients sharing the struggles and the rewards all along the way. The birth of Choice Tech has always been inevitable; we were just waiting for the right CTO to take the lead.” as Peter Jaffray, the Director at Choice OMG, said.

With this new division comes new faces. Mr. K Moses Apomah will lead the business development in Calgary, Alberta. At the same time, Mr. Rahul Ravindran will take on the challenge as the division lead and CTO. Peter Jaffray will retain his position as the Executive Director of the overall company. Still, he will most likely focus on the Media division as it will now need to support Digital Marketing for all current small business clients and the new enterprise clients brought on by Choice Tech. “At our core, it will always be the creative division that makes Choice what it is. Technology will keep on changing, but the ability to create, recognize, and support great ideas is what Choice will always retain. It’s why I started the company, and it’s the heart of the organization.”

Choice Tech is now fully operational and seeks entrepreneurs with great ideas to partner with. Please visit their respective websites if you want more information on Choice OMG or Choice Tech.