Create a Google Business Review Link

When people want to review your business, it can be a bit tricky for them to find you. Not everyone is really savvy when it comes to doing web searches and they might get lost.

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to send them a link directly to you review page to help them out? Well now you can.

The key is to structure your URL like this:

Replace “Your Place ID HERE” with your actual place ID which you can get here. Accept the pop-up and then search for your listing. The rest is a piece of cake.

Google Reviews Do’s and Don’ts

Do ask people to review your business honestly

Don’t lose your cool when you get a negative review. It’s how you handle problems that people will look at, so be sure to handle it in rational way (never give refunds!) You don’t need to win over that customer, you need to win over the crowd. For example “Thank you for telling us your experience. Long-wait times are unfortunately unavoidable sometimes due to the high demand we are facing. We believe our customers value the best product quality we can provide and sometimes that takes time.”

Do reply to all your reviews with something relevant and relatable. No one cares to read “Thank you for your review” but they will read, “Working with a client like you who is always on the go is why we prioritise fast service…”

Don’t review yourself or get fake reviews to boost your score. There are machines learning what’s authentic and what’s fake. Read the Review The Policies and follow them – if you’re busy, then know that the rules are based on fairness and completeness. It’s much *easier* to play by the rules. Simply ask for honest reviews and be patient.

Don’t review-gate. A review gate is when you first find out how someone feels about your business before you invite them to review. Essentially you filter out the best customers and only ask them for reviews. This is against policy. For example, you might run your own survey first and then invite only the best responders to review.

Don’t reward reviews. Just ask for them. You don’t need to offer a discount or give a freebie for a review. In-fact this is against the rules. Go figure. We’re in 2019 and people love to share what they are doing anyway.