How to find the right agency to manage your Google, Facebook, Microsoft Ads

Web advertising with Google, Facebook and Microsoft Ads. Get professional assistance. Follow these steps to find the right advertising agency. Facebook ads is full of opportunity. Google Ads is excellent at matching people to products and services. Microsoft Ads has the best audience.

Marketing your business through web advertising is a great way to reach more clients, patients, or customers. Whether it's Google, Facebook, or Microsoft Ads - there are many ways professional assistance will add value to your campaigns. Follow these steps to find the right advertising agency for yourself and experience increased conversions!

What are your overarching strengths and weaknesses working with agencies?

Not all advertising agencies are the same. Some are boutique firms that cater to a few firms with highly customized services, while others are massive and follow a standardized pattern across all agencies and manage them the same way.

Decide how much effort you will put in

Think about this for a moment. The key factors are time, cost, and effectiveness. Your time in campaign planning or project management must either improve the effectiveness or lower the cost. Be honest with yourself and factor in your level of experience managing people and marketing.

Review your past relationships

Businesses that thrive tend to work well with others. Let's face it, though; we've all had bad relationships with service providers and suppliers. Look back at these relationships and see if your organization is ready to work with an agency. Digital marketing is so specialized that you need to understand agency dynamics well to understand what is happening behind the scenes. How will you know if your account is neglected? Do you know the implications of your request? An expert who deals with agencies a lot will learn to step in or pull back.

Find an agency that matches what you want

Agencies all have sales departments with their own sales targets and will likely be very good at what they do. Everything will sound perfect. The best way to approach these engagements is to prepare in advance. If you plan on being involved in project management, ask questions like "who will manage the project with me?" You want to see what is currently in place with their existing clients and determine how often they communicate. This communication piece will be vital to effective campaign planning and execution.

The more agency time you require, the more expensive the rate should be. You want most agency time focused on the parts that are most valuable to you. For example, if your objective is to stay out of the way and let the creatives plan a campaign strategy, any time spent on anything else is an added cost.  If you provide ad creatives, you will want agency time spent selecting the channels and managing campaign execution. This line of thinking will help you choose the right agency and have them focus on the right things.

If you plan to be hands-off (or if your participation is not saving the agency time), it's going to cost a little more. If costs are not going up, then expect performance to drop.

Suppose you're trying to get more mileage out of your existing Google Ads campaigns without sacrificing too much time managing them daily. In that case, you are looking for operational expertise. When you start from scratch with a new product or service, you are looking for creative agencies with a track record of winning ideas on the Google Ads platform.

Microsoft Ads Specialists

If you are looking for more leads, conversions and sales, then an agency specializing in Microsoft Ads lead generation. These agencies understand the micro-clicks of how to target your customers most effectively with this ad platform. Microsoft includes many channels, including Bing and Yahoo Finance.

Facebook Ads Specialists

Advertising on Facebook requires much interaction through personal messages and real-time targeting, including age, gender, changing interests, and physical movement. A good agency will balance creative elements like images with micro-segments to achieve great results while keeping costs down.

Social marketing is a little different than other marketing channels. It requires some level of company engagement. It's not possible to completely outsource everything, and a good agency will know that.

Facebook specialists will ask the right questions to get what they need promptly and efficiently. They will teach you how to communicate with them. If you haven't got the time, and you can't reasonably delegate to your staff, then consider other marketing channels.


Web advertising can be a valuable tool in your marketing strategy. It's important to choose the right agency and stay involved in project management. By staying engaged throughout the selection process, you'll get higher quality work for less money and maximize every dollar spent!

Find an agency that matches what you want based on background research before starting anything else. Be sure to ask qualifying questions like "who will manage the project with me?" Also, consider how much time you plan on spending managing daily operations and factor those costs into budgeting.