Online advertising has a lot of potential. However, it is also unforgiving. Having a specialist in your corner will make all the difference and provide more assurances that you don't waste your advertising spend.

Google Ads place your message on Google Web Search, YouTube, and a large Display Network spanning many of the worlds most popular web services. Advertisers pay for clicks, impressions, and conversions in a real-time auction platform where each placement is sold to the bidder with the highest Ad Rank.

Ad Rank represents a dollar bid which is combined with history and relevance scores to predict performance outcomes. Advertisers compete across mutliple dimensions and often pursue different goals in the same space. The auction model automates and economizes ad placements and is the most common ad buying model you will find online.

Campaigns traditionally required a lot of manual bidding. Advertisers had to select how much they would pay for each click at the keyword level. Times were tough for new entrants into the space because the onus to set bids was on the advertiser alone. Many advertisiers couldn't really be trusted to interpret performance themselves. Advertisers often guessed their own return on investment (ROI). Online marketing was the advantage that would make the difference between competitors. Keyword lists were massive. Advertisers would spend hours and hours of research structuring keyword matches (and exclusions).

At the turn of the decade, the advertising ecosystem evolved.  Social platforms had monitized their platforms and making profits. YouTube demonstrated it still had a place in Television alongside Crave TV, Netflix, and Amazon. Government and policy decisionmakers began to apprciate the role of the internet in the new world. And, Covid-19 hit the planet with a surreal global acceptance of a fully digitized lifestyle.

A few remarkable evolutions from recent history that changed the Google Advertising space are:

  • Machine learning algorithms became more accepted and decision making support systems got faster and more accurate
  • GPDR in 2018 set security and privacy standards accross the EU and influenced privacy decision making world-wide
  • Facebook advertising intruduced a differnent way of approaching campaign design based on goals and outcomes supported by computational logic (that really worked well)
  • Apple decided to educate its users on the privacy concerns they had with the large amount of data being collected by apps - including Facebook
  • Google moved away from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 with a focus on advertisers providing their own first-person data

Conversion-smart automated bidding strategies and end-to-end revenue analytics now close the loop on ROI calculations.  Automated bidding takes care of selecting the right keywords based on probabilities and forecasted goal valuations. In-fact, being really good a keyword research doesn't provide a real advantage anymore. Advantage comes from those who configure accurate goal tracking and use the most appropriate bidding strategy to maximize each goal.

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Depending on the level of service you require, you can get started with Choice OMG and professionally managed Google Ad campaigns for $600 per month plus ad spend.

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