This week marks the 15th Global Entrepreneurship Week, recognizing the innovations of small business owners across our country and beyond. Driving innovation, job creation, and economic growth, entrepreneurs are setting the foundation for a strong economic future for Canada.

As mentioned in a statement by the Prime Minister, one of the investments Canada has made is the launch of the $4 billion Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). The grants are intended to help businesses grow their online presence and explore e-commerce applications. Choice OMG works with clients to develop robust websites and advertising campaigns to build a digital platform positioned for success.

The advent of the digital age coupled with the unique challenges brought forth by a global pandemic requires companies to be responsive. The CDAP provides financial support to retain Certified Digital Advisors who can investigate and assess your online capabilities. We’re bringing detailed recommendations and facilitating the implementation of software, hardware, and online applications.

Grow your business and better service both your customers and clients by strategizing with Choice’s Certified Digital Advisors. We can help you identify ways to support working from home, improve returns from online advertising, and effectively use social media to draw in customers and keep them engaged.

Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrates the contributions of business owners. At Choice, we’re here to help you continue leading the way into a strengthened digitized future. Contact us today to find out how we improve your online presence and create a more user-friendly environment for your customers with a grant from CDAP.