Small Business Startup? DO IT. It's Good For The Canadian Economy

You might be sitting there, pondering whether you should quit the security of your 9-5 job. The conversation in your head is probably teeter tottering on the pros and cons, risks of doing a small business startup – risks of not and likely there is some internal exchange that concludes, you arent quite ready to leave the security of a regular paycheck.

We get it. We really do. We’ve all been there. Our economy actually needs more small businesses, headed by smart and savvy entrepreneurs who take calculated risks and elevate the marketplace through innovation, creativity and additional competition. The ripple effect of new small businesses can be found in additional jobs, gathering places for communities, unique office space conversions, industry innovations and a breath of fresh air in a stagnant or declining economy.

Small businesses also birth new and innovative markets and products that spawn others to do the same. The trend of micro-breweries, distilleries and wineries is a perfect example. This also adds to the cultural landscape of the community – a group of small businesses taking over a former warehouse district or declining neighborhood can be the stimulus needed to signal more investment in that area by other entrepreneurs, or the momentum needed for the municipality to invest in upgrading access and roads in the area.

Behind every small business is a well caffeinated, insane human being. Kidding! Business leaders, innovators and action oriented individuals are at the forefront of creating and sustain successful small businesses. These individuals are also voices needed in the community, they are leaders outside of their ventures and stir up action and change where needed. Small business owners also reinvest money into the economy through their business activities, buying supplies, purchasing goods and donating to local charities and organizations and investing in the infrastructure of their community. When you purchase something from a local business, you know exactly where that dollar is going – its staying right at home.

So why start your new business venture?

  • Independence and autonomy
  • Maintain and advance the culture of your community
  • Offer quality products or services that squash the homogeneity promoted by big corporations
  • Create meaningful jobs and happy employees
  • Promote a greater level of job satisfaction for employees, thus healthier people
  • To become an integral part of your local economy
  • Create the webs of financial interdependence that fosters broad based prosperity (local small businesses support like minded individuals and businesses, this is a fact)
  • Fosters community bonds that create healthy individuals, vibrant spaces and promote more small businesses and entrepreneurs to do the same