The Tech Hub of the North: Exploring IT Companies in Edmonton

Edmonton emerges as a beacon of technological innovation, with a 26% increase in tech jobs over five years, highlighting its vibrant community and AI research leadership.

In the heart of Canada's vast landscape, Edmonton emerges as a beacon of technological innovation, challenging the traditional economic sectors with a remarkable 26% increase in tech jobs over the last five years.

With 28,400 tech employees bustling in the city and a global rank that has soared by 34 spots since 2017, Edmonton is not just making a statement but setting a precedent for what the future holds.

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The city's journey to becoming one of Canada's top five tech hubs is not just a story of numbers but a testament to its vibrant community, world-leading research in artificial intelligence (AI) at the University of Alberta, and a collective vision that sees beyond the horizon.

Historical Context

The fabric of Edmonton's tech scene is woven with ambition and milestones. From a 50% surge in the tech workforce to being named North America's fastest-growing tech market, the city's evolution is a narrative of relentless pursuit of excellence.

The government's vision to position Alberta as a global tech beacon by 2030 and the University of Alberta's acclaim in AI research underscores a trajectory defined by innovation and growth. U of A is #3 in the world for AI research.

Key Players

Edmonton's tech landscape is dotted with trailblazers like IIH Global, Amazon, and ElectionBuddy, each carving their niches and redefining the contours of technology. Startups like Jobber and incubators like Alberta Innovates are not just participants but pivotal characters in this unfolding story, driving forward with funding milestones and groundbreaking solutions.

  1. Jobber: Jobber has raised a total funding amount of $183.5M
  2. IMBiotechnologies: IMBiotechnologies is another startup making waves in the tech scene
  3. Geopowr: Geopowr is a startup focusing on renewable energy
  4. All Construction Design: This startup is innovating in the construction industry
  5. Start Class: Start Class is a startup focusing on education
  6. Scription: Scription raised CA$3.4M in a Pre Seed Round
  7. Nanoprecise Sci Corp: Nanoprecise Sci Corp raised CA$3.5M in Debt Financing
  8. Zero Point Cryogenics: Zero Point Cryogenics received a grant of $604.1K
  9. DrugBank: DrugBank received a grant of $715K
  10. MACH32: MACH32 is a startup in the aerospace industry

Economic Impacts

The tech sector's contribution to Edmonton's economy is profound and expansive. With the ICT sector fueling 5.3% of Canada's GDP and local tech companies breaking revenue records, the narrative is straightforward—technology is the new backbone of economic vitality. The sector's job creation prowess and investment magnetism underscore a future ripe with possibilities for tech professionals and the entire community.

Transformative Sectors in Edmonton’s Economy -
Video interview with Malcolm Bruce, CEO of Edmonton Global on Transformative Sectors in Edmonton’s Economy.

Malcolm Bruce is the CEO of Edmonton Global

Challenges and Opportunities

Yet, the path is not devoid of hurdles. Talent acquisition, funding, and fierce competition pose significant challenges. However, the landscape is also rife with opportunities, from government initiatives to international collaborations, setting the stage for a future where Edmonton is not just a participant in the global tech arena but a leader.

Community and Culture

The ethos of Edmonton's tech sector is marked by diversity, innovation, and a vibrant community spirit. With numerous meetups, events like the "Innovation Challenge," and organizations like Amii fostering a collaborative environment, the city's tech culture is a beacon of inclusivity and forward-thinking.

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Future Outlook

As Edmonton's tech sector marches into the future, growth predictions, emerging sectors like AI and biotechnology, and significant economic contributions offer a glimpse into a bright horizon. The goal of creating 20,000 new jobs and generating an additional $5 billion in revenue for the province's technology companies is not just an ambition but a roadmap for the city's journey toward becoming a global tech hub.


Edmonton's transformation into a tech powerhouse is a narrative of resilience, innovation, and community. As the city stands at the precipice of a new era, its story is not just about the growth of its tech sector but a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. In the landscape of Canadian innovation, Edmonton shines brightly, a northern star guiding the way toward a future where technology and community converge to create unprecedented opportunities.