The team at Choice OMG knows we have something special to offer. We’re a relatively small group, but we each bring a lot to the table. It’s made us a powerhouse in website development and online marketing, especially as this area exploded with COVID-19 shutdowns.

At the head of our company is military veteran Peter Jaffray, a former signals officer who holds an MBA from the University of Alberta. He started Choice when he was still in uniform, building on his technical skills with computers and growing the company from scratch.

Today, Choice employs nine people and operates largely through remote work, with its head office located in Edmonton, where partner company Choice Wraps is centred.

Working at Choice offers standout opportunities for creativity, advancement, and personal growth, and being veteran-led is a big part of that. Here are the five top reasons being employed at a veteran-led company is amazing:

1. Excellent leadership

One of the pillars of military success is leadership, and personnel are trained to lead by building capacity in their teams.

At work, this translates into having a strong voice at the centre that brings our team together. An effective CEO must cultivate the best in their employees by trusting in their abilities and setting them up for success. A solid foundation of positive leadership sets the tone for everyone’s performance and enables each employee to meet their potential.

2. Team approach

One thing a good leader never does is go it alone. At Choice, we always work together as a team, drawing on each other’s strengths to produce the highest quality of work possible. There’s a culture of respect which enables each employee to develop their skills and contribute to the accomplishments of the team.

Working in a smaller company requires maintaining a positive workspace that fosters cohesion and cooperation. Veterans know that survival is best when achieved together, as is success.

3. Investing in training and mentorship

Valuing your team includes being willing to invest resources in their development. Veteran-led businesses understand that offering training opportunities is not only a sound business practice, but also demonstrates caring about the personal goals of your team members.

Choice’s employees are encouraged to seek ways to hone their skills, spark creativity, and take on new challenges so that the work we do for our clients is leading-edge. This makes the workplace engaging and contributes to employee (and client) satisfaction.

4. Flexibility and accommodation

Military service can be demanding on both members and their families. As a result, a lot of us end up looking for unique work opportunities. It takes a certain level of understanding and flexibility to employ military veterans and their partners or spouses. Choice does both.

Choice offers a workplace that functions almost entirely remotely, with considerable flexibility. Skilled leadership brings together the best people for the job, even if it means accommodating extenuating life circumstances. While this is more common in a post-COVID-19 world, there’s a history of building capacity in employees at Choice that enabled us to shift easily to the new normal while continuing to offer superior outcomes.

5. Desire to be exceptional

Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of working at a veteran-led business is the drive to be exceptional. Going the extra distance fuels our success.

We push creative boundaries and offer exceptional service to a wide variety of clients. Our productive team environment motivates us to enhance our abilities and continually improve on our creative campaigns.

If you’re looking for job opportunities in a company that’s focused on mentorship and skill development to elevate web design and online marketing campaigns in North America and beyond, veteran-led Choice is the place to be. This Remembrance Day, thank a veteran, then consider working for one.