Why a creative team like ours matters more than ever

Stand out in the digital world with high-quality, human-generated content that connects with your audience. At Choice OMG, we create emotionally intelligent, creative content that sets you apart.

You want to get noticed in a sea of content? You’re going to have to swim better, faster, farther. And that’s getting harder to do, considering the sheer volume of digital advertising being pumped out every day, especially with the rise of AI content generators.

But guess what? If you’re all about creativity, you’ve hit the jackpot. Human-generated content that makes a connection with readers is suddenly hitting its stride. Have I got your attention?

More isn’t always better. Go ahead and shop in bulk for cheap, mass-produced patties but sometimes you just want to sink your teeth into something better. What you really want is that delicious freshly-grilled burger you’ve been dreaming about all week, cooked to order and picked up as you swing through the drive-through on your way home. It won’t last longer than 15 minutes, but who needs a 3-month supply of frozen burger patties when you’ve got an immediate craving

Give in to your audience’s craving with juicy, satisfying content that’s tailored to your specific marketing goals. Tell a story. Incite rage. Play on their sympathies, maybe even produce a few tears. Get them excited to engage. No robot is going to do that for you. Want proof?

“To get your content noticed, optimize it for search engines, promote it on social media, collaborate with influencers, utilize email marketing, repurpose it into different formats, and engage with your audience. These strategies can help increase the visibility and engagement of your content and build a strong online presence for your brand.”

Did I lose you? Okay, so there’s nothing inherently untrue about this ChatGPT response, but this is all the boring stuff that marketing specialists already know - and do. It totally misses the mark on making a human connection. What you actually need to get noticed is a creative approach to content that’s relatable and emotive. You just can’t autogenerate that kind of high level writing.

Find a digital marketing team that’s backed with SEO knowledge and technical experience, but not so that they can spew out streams of useless content. You want them to put consistently high-quality, human-generated content in the front window.

Think of it like a bookstore. Sure, there's an endless supply of lackluster reading material but what you really want is the latest jaw-dropping thriller by an accomplished author that everyone from your dental hygienist to your kid’s teacher is talking about. Human-generated content is like the bestseller that’s flying off shelves - it almost always outperforms AI generated content in Google rankings and builds a long term relationship with readers.

Choice OMG has you covered. We know good content when we see it and we have the technical knowledge to put it right where your audience is going to grab it. If you’re just generating the same old crap as everyone else, you’re about to get lost at sea because AI is upping the game for prolific generic content generation.

If you’re trying to connect with robots, use a robot. But if you want to engage effectively with your followers, you need a human touch. Come talk to us about how we’ll dig into creating emotionally intelligent creative content that’ll make your audience’s eyes pop. It’s not about volume. It’s about investing in an art form that’ll keep your customers coming back for more.