Strong corporate culture at Choice OMG

Why Corporate Culture Matters

Find out how prioritizing a positive culture helps companies differentiate themselves, build trust, and thrive in today's socially conscious marketplace.

At Choice OMG, our first priority is always the work we do for our clients, but the rest of the time we’re looking for opportunities to stay competitive and sharpen our skills. Recently, we’ve been focused on kicking our corporate culture up a notch.

As a digital marketing agency, we talk a lot about the importance of branding generally, but employer branding is a bit different. Instead of an outward-facing client focus, employer branding is instead about how people perceive your company culture and employee experience—and believe it or not, it can have a huge impact on your business’s overall success.

A recent Axios Harris poll looked at 100 of the most visible brands, evaluating their business trajectory, character, and trust. Those with the best company character, a measure that included culture, ethics, and citizenship, ended up with the highest overall ratings. The clear message is that strong employer branding has significant advantages for companies.

Consumers are more discerning than ever and want to direct their spending toward ethical companies that exhibit good citizenship. Why does this matter to businesses like ours? Having a focus on bringing employees together around a central understanding and shared commitment to your vision and mission can help you to effectively capture this market share of culture-minded consumers.

That’s why we’ve been hard at work refining our Choice OMG brand book. As a small, remote team, we’ve always valued a cohesive vibe that enables us to work effectively in an online environment. But refocusing on how we define our brand—and ensuring that we’re all aligned in this vision—has given us a serious boost. Here’s why we believe a strong company culture is vital to our success:

Employee engagement

By having a strong corporate culture, we’ve been able to foster shared values and a sense of purpose within our team. We recognize that when employees feel connected to our mission, they’re more engaged in their work. This leads to increased productivity, higher job satisfaction, and reduced turnover, all of which ultimately benefit our clients. It sets us up for long-term success.

Ability to attract top talent

In addition to retaining our exceptional team, we want to enhance our ability to recruit the best candidates. A strong corporate culture that’s positive and inclusive is a surefire way to appeal to prospective employees who align with our values. When applicants perceive a business favorably, they’re more likely to choose it over competitors. And when we do hire, defined corporate values will assist new team members to integrate efficiently and get up to speed faster.

Enhanced teamwork

Our success depends on our ability to collaborate. By making sure we share common values and goals, our team is able to work together more effectively. This synergy leads to improved teamwork, increased innovation, and the ability to tackle complex challenges collectively.

Client satisfaction

Ultimately, we’re in the business of providing our clients with exceptional and forward-thinking digital marketing solutions. A company culture that’s built on a customer-centric approach ensures that we consistently deliver superior customer experiences and measurable results. This leads to repeat business, positive word-of-mouth advertising, and client loyalty.


In a rapidly changing business landscape, we believe that our strong corporate culture will allow us to be more adaptable and resilient. It provides us with a foundational direction and allows us to navigate change more effectively. We’re able to innovate and embrace new challenges with a positive mindset.

Enhanced brand reputation

Remember that Axios Harris poll we talked about? When a company is known for its values, ethical practices, and employee well-being, it enhances its credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of customers, partners, and the public. By refining our corporate culture and reinvigorating our commitment to it, we’re building a positive brand reputation that will help to differentiate us from our competitors.

Increased performance

The productivity of employees is directly impacted by company culture. When team members feel valued and supported, they’re more motivated to go the extra mile (or kilometer, for those of us in Canada). This includes taking ownership of their work, striving for excellence, being accountable, and focusing on delivering high-quality results. It's a win-win for everyone.

Furthermore, having a strong corporate culture contributes to happier employees, another measure that increases productivity. Oxford University’s Saïd Business School found that there’s a 13% increase in productivity when employees are happy. In addition to all the other massive benefits of working on your company culture, it can also make your team happier, and therefore harder working.

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If you’re looking for ways to contribute to the long-term sustainability of your success, look no further than your company culture. Investing in how you define yourself and what your mission is will have an immense impact on how you’re viewed both by your employees and potential customers.

Those of us who work in the online realm understand how social media and new digital platforms have amplified the visibility and scrutiny of corporate culture. Companies can no longer afford to ignore how they’re perceived by a very wide audience. Combined with a growing societal demand for ethical standards and social responsibility in business, it’s evident that companies that prioritize building a positive corporate culture are best positioned to get ahead. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.