Competitor Intelligence

Corporate intelligence packages can be purchased to help you better understand your competitive position and the competing strategies in your market.

There are opportunities and challenges in your market that can be better understood with a curated collection of open-source information.

Choice OMG is an online company, and we specialize in cyber tools for research and information gathering. We also have an ace technology team. Together, these core competencies often perform research to help our clients create better business practices.

Over the past decade, we've scraped numerous websites and open-source media to decipher the strategic moves of various companies. We focused on eCommerce and lead generation in the early years, but recently almost every business has moved online.

We find ourselves creating intelligence packs for business leaders spanning many industries. We respond to information requirements and provide practical observations of aggregate trends.

For each project, we find and curate information assessed to support marketing strategies, traffic composition, and strategic clusters of relationships.

Approach us with a task such as, "provide a list of top competitors, and break down their current marketing strategies, most valuable audiences, and affiliates or relationships," and you will be surprised what we can show you.