How to Whitelist Emails: Easy Guide for Gmail & Outlook

Ever missed an important email because it went to spam? In today's video, we'll show you a super easy way to create a "special guest list" for your emails, ensuring you always get the messages you want!

What's a "Whitelist"?

Think of a whitelist like a special guest list at a party. Only people on the list can get in. For emails, a whitelist is a list of email addresses that are allowed to send you messages. This means they won't end up in the trash or spam folders.

Let's Add Emails to the Special List in Gmail:

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. Click the gear icon (it looks like a small wheel).
  3. Choose "See all settings".
  4. Click on "Filters and Blocked Addresses" at the top.
  5. Press "Create a new filter".
  6. In the box labeled "From", type the email address you want to allow. You can type a full email like or just the part after the @ like to allow all emails from that place.
  7. Click "Create filter".
  8. Make sure to tick the box that says "Never send it to Spam".
  9. Press "Create filter" again. Done!

Now, Let's Do This in Outlook:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click the gear icon (the small wheel again).
  3. Choose "View all Outlook settings" at the bottom.
  4. Click "Mail" in the new menu.
  5. Pick "Junk email" from the next list.
  6. Press "Add" under where it says "Safe senders and domains".
  7. Type the email address you want to allow.
  8. Click "Save". All set!

By following these steps, you'll make sure the emails you want to see always reach your inbox. Happy emailing! 💌