Landing Page Design & Development Service

When you are run paid ads, you need your creatives to generate results. Visitors click fast and landing page layout and design are extremely important. Get more results with a professional landing page creative design firm.

Web Design Process

A landing page is the first thing a visitor sees after clicking your ad

Your homepage is probably the landing page you focus on most. However, in this day and age with deep linking and more sophisticated internet advertising many possible landing pages exist on an established website. How are people entering your website? Can you optimize these entry points to improve conversion rates?

Landing pages should be single-minded

Analysis Tools and Research

Most landing pages (especially the ones you pay to advertise) have a very specific objective. In some cases, it’s getting visitors to pick up the phone and call, in other cases it might be to submit a form or a quote request. The best practice is to have a single very specific objective for each landing page on your site. If you have two objectives for a single landing page, consider breaking it apart into two separate landing pages.

Messaging and visual should remain consistent from ad to conversion

Banner advertising on the display network

There are several things to consider when making a landing page, but all these considerations centre on a single theme: clarity. When someone sees your ad and clicks it they will be presented with your landing page.

Remember, your landing page is not the first thing they see, it’s the second. Often the ad they clicked or the search engine snippet was the first. If they clicked an ad for doughnuts, your landing page better be about doughnuts. If your objective is to get doughnut orders, it must be very clear to the user (on whatever device they are using) how they can order doughnuts from you.

Greenway Dry Cleaners Website Created by ChoiceOMG

Landing pages should be creative & convincing, yet easy to use

Your audience will appreciate a creative message. Creativity is going to win them over. However, don’t forget that you must also be super easy to use. There is nothing worse than losing customers because of a technical glitch or because you made the dig a little further than they were willing to go.

Test and fine-tune landing pages

Because landing pages are digital, you can duplicate them, make subtle alterations, and pit them against each other to compare results (split A/B testing). Layout, colours, or creatives can all be tested to determine which factors lead to the greatest performance.

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