When you work with some companies, it's such a pleasure to have things go so well. Matt Strength from Gateway Construction and Engineering was ready with all the content and material as soon as the website project started. We could get right to work, and the project back and forth was efficient and went smoothly.

The website is straightforward and mobile-friendly. The company is famous in Winnipeg, Manitoba, so as soon as their website was crawlable, Google picked it up pretty quickly, and now the traffic flows in.

The purpose of the website is to showcase the projects that Gateway has completed. When you look at the website, do it from a mobile device and determine for yourself how well it meets the intent.

Backed by a WordPress content management system and some basic user account controls, the company can maintain its site. However, they often take advantage of our prompt and convenient service to update them because they are busy building stuff.

... it was an awesome experience. The turnaround time was crazy fast, the quality was amazing and the cost was significantly more cost-effective than our last web designer.

—   Matt Strength, Business Development Manager
Source: Google Review Link