Inside North America's largest shopping mall, there is an extensive indoor pistol range where you can safely fire real handguns. Your options may include the Desert Eagle, the Colt 45 Magnum, and some other shoulder-busting exotic pistols.

People travel to West Edmonton Mall from across the country and even the world in some cases.

We created a customer service website with Q&A information. First, we dived deeply into web Analytics to learn about the traffic they were getting. We found most people were looking for information about licenses, minimum age requirements, and many the same answers many callers were asking the range staff.

It was clear that people were first looking for answers on the website and not finding them. The call volume was high for common questions and information that should be on their website.

When you look at this website design, notice how it communicates pricing and provides informative answers.

In this case, reducing the number of shooting range inquiry calls was a good thing. It meant that more group bookings could be taken over the phone which is a much more effective use of resources at the shooting range.

Excellent analysis tools (on top of Google Analytics). We get big data on traffic and import into CRM.

—   Travis La Fayette
Source: Google Review Link