Khrystyna Chvanina

Khrystyna Chvanina brings more than 15 years of marketing experience to her role as Marketing Strategy Specialist. Notably, she’s been an official media buyer for Meta and Google. Khrystyna’s main fields of activity are analytics, strategic marketing, and media buying. She’s adept at maintaining projects at maximum efficiency. Her extensive portfolio includes education, production, personal brands, IT, e-commerce, and beauty & health. Her expertise can significantly improve clients’ success, w

Kaily Hirsch

Kaily’s always been passionate about writing. She has a BA in Media Studies from the University of Toronto and a Certificate in Digital Marketing from York University. Her acquired skills have enabled her to transform her love of writing into an exciting and successful career. Kaily is an experienced content marketing specialist both here in Canada as well as internationally. She has a keen ability to implement SEO best practices to produce engaging creative content and enjoys the challenge of

Jordan Rude

Originally from a quiet cattle and grain farm in the Canadian Prairies, Jordan moved to the big city and worked his way up through the ranks at Choice OMG. In the Canadian Prairies, people are known to be hard working and gritty, key traits that Jordan continually demonstrates for all clients. His performance and pragmatism have established Jordan as one of Canada’s leading digital media designers and illustrators. Moving away from tractors and cattle farming, Jordan studied design, where his t

Kierra Dahlin

Communicating artistically has always been a natural skill for Kierra. She began with a design course at a technical college in Western Canada. Early on, Kierra was keen to blend web and graphic design. She faced a steep learning curve, but talent and hard work helped her graduate from school with honours. Skilled in all areas of digital design, Kierra can craft logos and branded web mockups, and storyboard visual marketing campaigns with illustrations. Her work has attracted hundreds of thous

Jennifer Lemon

Jennifer brings with her expertise in marketing, creative writing, and political communications. She's an award-winning and published author who has worked in both the public and private sectors. Jennifer's skilled at effectively capturing a brand's voice with creative content strategies that generate results. She's experienced at writing for a variety of clients to produce clear, concise calls to action that keep audiences engaged. Jennifer holds an Honours BA from Queen's University and a dip

Gabriella Jaffray

Gabriella has tons of experience working with people managing restaurants across the country. Building on her experiences in the fast-paced world of kitchen and service, she fit perfectly into our digital marketing team with a similar dynamic. Gabriella coordinates the team of front and back-end specialists to meet the needs of our clients rapidly and effectively. She’s skilled at balancing our team of left-brained developers and right-brained creatives. Garbriella takes client expectations se

Mike Ormerod

Mike is a veteran of the media game with a career spanning 25 years. He started in broadcasting TV news and has worked across provincial borders at CityTV, CTV, and CBC. He excels at taking a multi-faceted approach to editing, directing, and switching. As broadcasting evolved into the digital media platforms we have today, Mike transitioned by focusing on coding, photography, and WordPress. In today’s media space, Mike is able to combine his broadcasting, digital media, and other skills to prov

Evan (Ese) Isobi

Ese is an accomplished graphic and media artist who operates in multiple domains that include - 3D animation, digital ad graphic, print media and brand design. He is the definition of Cool. When you meet and work with him, you will most certainly enjoy every moment. Ese transforms concepts and sketches into remarkable designs that resonate well with the end users. He is capable of understanding business objectives and applying that directly in his work to bring his client’s the results they nee