About The Company

Committed to Collaboration

ChoiceOMG is a boutique creative design and digital marketing company offering boutique web services across Canada and the North Western United States.

CHOICE acts as an extension of your business.  We are a cyber marketing team that you can bolt-on to your organization to immediately improve the effectiveness of your promotional strategies. We are much more than a typical web design shop, we are the most creative and highly effective business catalysts available to small business owners.

We are artists, writers, developers and tacticians. Most of all, we are leaders. We drive your campaigns. Unlike other web agencies out there, we do more than build websites and sell SEO. We give your business an edge — we create messages and personalities that get your business noticed. We don’t just provide products and offer services: we become part of your team.

We can rapidly design and deploy a wide variety of communications. These are not just advertisements for marketing, but are also information collection and management resources. That’s why you will find networking and information systems along-side our web design services. Because they fit together nicely. We’re providing businesses with real growth potential.

We are stronger together

CHOICE is a boutique creative digital marketing agency in Western Canada. Headquartered in Edmonton, AB, we provide creative services and digital media buys for small and medium sized businesses. We are certified in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Ads. Our team leverages the power of the Adobe Creative Suite and we leverage our digital expertise to integrate deeply into the companies we choose to work with.

Our approach to marketing is to focus process over technique. Techniques change, however the fundamentals of advertising remain constant. Research, develop, deploying creative products, and test. Exploit success and repeat.

Vision Statement: CHOICE will master web communication technologies to efficiently and effectively distribute influence and effect on a global scale.

Mission Statement: We will be the slingshot that empowers small business owners to compete with giants.

Core Values: Trust, effect, and client success.

In pursuit of Excellence

We maintain a culture of performance. That means that we value delivering results more than contracting our own sales. Our objective is to become the best full-stack digital marketing team in Western Canada and to provide international services to best-in-class companies around the globe. 

Bolt-on CHOICE to your organization and immediately improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

Our competitive advantages are: our small and agile size, our ability to design efficient processes, our employment of intelligent tools, and our team dynamic.

...it was an awesome experience. The turn around time was crazy fast, the quality was amazing and the cost was significantly more cost effective than our last web designer.
Matt Strenth Gateway Construction, Winnipeg, MB (Read Full Review)
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Our incremental approach to growing client relationships is conservative.  Our analysis of the target market shows us that this is favorable to them. However, we are structured so that we may seize initiatives as they arise.  Seizing initiatives to launch a client’s campaign to huge levels of success is a win for us.  Wins have occurred time and time again resulting in deep long lasting relationships with our clients where they become not only success stories but also advocates of our service.

Tempered by our ethical approach in a mostly unregulated environment, we continually seek out ways of leveraging changes in consumer behavior to effectively match our clients with their target audience.  In more simple terms, we watch consumers very closely.  Consumer privacy concerns are very real and we see them first hand. We also see the incentive to collect more information than is needed.  We seek to enter dialogue with all stake holders and for now will trust the law makers and other experts to guide us as we influence choice and behavior.

We strive to achieve total client satisfaction in a dynamic and changing environment. This requires that we work closely with our clients and set appropriate expectations without breaching trust or taking advantage of those with whom we work. CHOICE is becoming a strong name in our local market as a company that is fair, effective, and staffed by honest people.

As media channels converge on the internet, we are positioned to leverage this change and exponentially build audiences to deliver more influence. We are seeking opportunities to beat our competitors with shock and disruption with a manoeuvrist approach where our agility and our culture can be leveraged to maximum effect.