Evan (Ese) Isobi

Ese is an accomplished graphic and media artist who operates in multiple domains that include - 3D animation, digital ad graphic, print media and brand design. He is the definition of Cool. When you meet and work with him, you will most certainly enjoy every moment.

Ese transforms concepts and sketches into remarkable designs that resonate well with the end users. He is capable of understanding business objectives and applying that directly in his work to bring his client’s the results they need. This includes everything ranging from applying in-graphic literary concepts to engage and stimulate the viewer, all the way up to employing advanced color theory to evoke the right emotions for the viewer.

Awards, Certification, and Recognition:

  1. Earned certification for the 2019 global creative 3D animation contest (Animating a movie within 100 hours)
  2. Earned an accredited certificate in Graphic Design and Multimedia from APTECH Computer Training Institute