TV & Media

Mike Ormerod

Mike is a veteran of the media game with a career spanning 25 years. He started in broadcasting TV news and has worked across provincial borders at CityTV, CTV, and CBC. He excels at taking a multi-faceted approach to editing, directing, and switching.

As broadcasting evolved into the digital media platforms we have today, Mike transitioned by focusing on coding, photography, and WordPress. In today’s media space, Mike is able to combine his broadcasting, digital media, and other skills to provide Choice OMG clients with exceptional media content.

Mike’s recently returned to Choice OMG after taking a prestigious position in government relations. With his quick wit and easy-going demeanor, he’s looking forward to making great things happen for our clients.

Awards Certifications, and Recognition:

  • 2 x Best News Feature Nominee (AMPIA Award)
  • Graduated top of his class from Television Broadcasting
  • Student Union VP in college