Agency Partners Program

We white-label website design and development, PPC management (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook). Learn about CHOICE Agency Partners.

Thank you for your interest in our agency partners program. We offer a lot of white-label services that you can use to beef up your own service offering. For example, when you are about to launch a Google Ads campaign and your client’s website is a mess, you can upsell them on a quick redesign and have us as your silent agency partner take care of it for you. We’ll rebuild that website quickly at such an affordable rate you’ll never worry about website limitations ever again.

We white-label marketing services

We’ve got a wide range of online marketing services that we offer to our agency partners with the understanding that they take care of customer service and sales. We take care of performance.

Schedule a call with us today to learn more about our agency partners program and pricing models.

Re-build a website on WordPress

When you get that client who doesn’t want to spend money on a new website but their existing site is on Yellow Pages or Square Space and they’ve outgrown what those platforms have to offer, consider us. Whether you bill them for the service or not, we can rebuild their website from scratch using best practices and a modern page builder like Elementor to keep their site looking similar to how it presently is, but making it much leaner on the back-end and lightning quick. We have a very short list of recommended plugins and can accomplish pretty much anything you could possibly need with much fewer lines of code.

Best of all, our rates are extremely affordable and we’re highly specialized so we can turn projects around much faster. Save your resources and your staff the headaches and let us do the work.

White-label PPC management

When you have a client who you just can’t seem to impress, then it’s time for a second look at their Google Ads campaign. Let’s face it, it’s hard to stay on top of each and every account you manage and many of the Microsoft Ads or Facebook Ads accounts need a little more TLC than you are giving them.

Unlike other PPC management services out there, we use a hybrid of automated bidding strategies and optimization paired with intuition and common sense. We focus on improving quality scores, landing page conversion rate optimization, and accurate conversion tracking.

Google Ads consultants for agencies

Are your sales reps looking to close a big deal? Would you like to identify a home-run strategy on a potential client’s Google Ads campaign? We can perform a deep dive assessment on the campaign and provide you with a graphical presentation to deliver your client which identifies the strongest improvements to make on their existing Google Ads campaign. We’ll help you close the deal.

White-label Microsoft Ads and reseller management services

Nobody really talks about Microsoft. Most agencies are focused on the big Google or Facebook. However, Microsoft ads deliver a lot of good results and you can add it to your offering with confidence simply outsourcing the work to us.

Cost-benefit analysis of outsourcing

It’s rather easy to see that the rates for outsourcing work is normally fantastic. The aspect of outsourcing that’s harder to gauge is the level of risk you take when working with a third party.

The less risk you take when outsourcing through the big talent channels, the more the costs. For example, a large project on Upwork might end up costing your more to outsource than to do it in-house. However, the same project on Fiverr would never get completed. Many companies prefer to deal with singular agencies for that very reason. However, there is a sweet spot right in the middle where tech-savvy people live, and that’s how we get you the most bang for your buck. We can conference, video call, and engage as if we were in the same room. Our communication is strong and our work speaks for itself. Agency partners love us.

We’re a Canadian company meaning that we share the same business hours that you do. Also, when we communicate, we speak your language. There are a lot of fantastic subcontractors on the other side of the world (across the pond), but there are also numerous unknowns. For us, we are a licensed, registered, and insured Canadian corporation that will bill you in CAD.