Peter Jaffray

from Canada

I'm a digital marketing specialist.

52 Posts

CORS in 2023: What's it doing?

DNSSEC and CORS are not directly related, but CORS relies on secure domain names and uncompromised DNS records. They are security mechanisms operating at different levels of the network stack, protecting users from malicious websites.

Peter Jaffray
∙ 3 minutes read

Marketing Teeth in The USA

Creative sets can loosely be translated into digital campaigns or ad groups. We call them creative sets (here at Choice) because they are a "Set" of creative messages without any restrictions on the digital form they take.

Peter Jaffray
∙ 3 minutes read

Andrew Jackson

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Andrew has always been a people-person. Graduating from the University of Winnipeg with a BA in English, he has always been drawn to roles that put him front and centre, meeting and helping people solve their problems. With roles ranging from hospitality, sales,...

Peter Jaffray
∙ 1 minute read

How to SEO in 2022

1. Know your audience 2. Understand "search" to learn what is "sought." 3. Give your audience what they want ...and stay on top of it. Business owners come to many conclusions about past search performance, but you need more than conclusions. Seek out actionable recommendations and implement best-practice...

Peter Jaffray
∙ 4 minutes read
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