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Are you a Canadian freelance writer? If so, we love you. We value your work. We respect your profession. Choice OMG is a creative company, and writers like you make up the creative foundation of ideas. We have opened up writing to freelancers to submit written works (for pay) across our extensive client network of websites and blogs. Take a look at the list below and see if you fancy any of these current opportunities.

Topic List

Editing / Rewriting / Modernizing

Commercial Landscaping

  • Big Trees, Trees
  • Stone (Exterior) Castles of time
  • Waterfront Property Designs

Eyes and Optometry

  • Animal vision
  • Eye Science – tricking the vision
  • … Anything funny, interesting.

Home Decor (G to PG)

  • Cabinet Finishes
  • Cabinet construction
  • Plaster in 2021 (More than walls)

Suggestions – Comments – Directions

  • You have creative flexibility – Ideas are priority over grammar (but use Grammarly).
  • Don’t even think about SEO – We’re not looking for that *shitty* writing.
  • Length – as long as you need it to be to get your point across. No more no less.
  • Objective: Connect with readers
  • Target audience – 12 to 15 year old sitting at a bus stop listening to music. Grade 7 reading level. Short sentences. Choppy sentences. Balanced sentences. Avoid commas, but if you need them – use them. Break rules -> if it helps this audience understand.
  • send finished works to and make the subject CLEAR and unique. “Writing Submission – Jackie – How Cat’s Smile”
  • Leave your name on your work. 1 back link is allowed in the footer to YOUR portfolio website.
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