Hi! Meet CHOICE Creative – Edmonton Web Designers

We focus on careful planning and collaboration to set goals and meet them. We’re an Edmonton web design company with affordable rates, great value, and outstanding effect.

Choice OMG in Edmonton is all about creating experiences. Digital experience, specifically. Because it’s marketing and creative needs to sell, we commonly say that we make business facilities – Edmonton creative.

Visit our appointment booking page if you are located in Edmonton. Appointments and consultations can be either in-person, on Zoom or Google Meet depending on the provincial health regulations.

We create virtual spaces for brands that go boom. These virtual buildings come complete with places to host your clients and other guests, places for you to interview candidates, and places to collaborate with your staff.

We’ve got affordable rates. From $1999 from our Edmonton website design company.

The value and the level of success that Edmonton creative brings to each of our current clients are pretty impressive. We maintain a lean operation and have amassed a collection of several refined resources. As soon as a national brand or government agency allows us to shine, we will.

Website design thought leaders

We do much more than simple web design. We do so much more than just build websites, and when we build websites, we do a lot more than the rest. Learn more about some small business marketing topics and other online marketing resources.

As your agency, we will take your creative brief to new heights with our online marketing specialists and graphic designers. Your creatives (banner ads, landing pages, and sites) will all stay in-brief and definitely within the budget. We will help you develop a media plan (media budget) for online and execute your media buy. We will work closely with your marketing manager (or director). Brand touchpoints can be measured, and metrics such as mentions are provided to your team to help you understand your creative power.

Edmonton Creative offices in 2015
The Early Days of Edmonton Creative

Our Edmonton office is the primary creative centre of Choice Online Marketing Group (OMG) Inc.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 08:30 – 17:30 Saturday, Sunday Closed

The Edmonton Creative team had humble beginnings in Manulife Place’s Regus Business centre (where you will still find many ad-hoc ad companies) and grew to occupy its own facility in South Edmonton. Now Choice OMG hides in an industrial warehouse in Edmonton’s Southeast near Sherwood Park freeway. We’ve got server racks, large format printers, and lots of square footage to tango with.

The Legacy of Edmonton’s Web Designers from ChoiceOMG

Currently managed by Jordan Rude, a legacy of MacEwan’s early days in the Design and illustration program – a time when the best of the best were graduating into a high-demand creative market. His experience is matched with raw talent and he was trained in Managing creative people. Now he directs creatives, supervises sign making, and draws in his spare time. Learn more about Mr. Rude here.

Other superstars from the Edmonton Office over the years have been Budd Erickson who has become one of the best writers in the country for wildlife preservation and super interesting things you want to know. Jennifer Darling is one of the greatest visual designers of all time, and Rachelle MacDonald receives award after award in the radio industry for stellar commercial productions. Mike Ormerod is a top video editor and there are definitely other superstars worth mentioning.

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