How to migrate a website

We can help you keep the best parts of your current website and also help you with all your upgrades and housekeeping tasks.

Website Cloning and Rebuilding Service. Do you need a website re-built or cloned?

We can re-build any website and convert it to WordPress. When you have a website that you like, but it's handicapped by the platform, re-building it on WordPress is a great way to unlock all your potential.

Marketing agencies who need to do SEO or Digital Marketing on a site built on Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify will do this to unlock the custom powers of WordPress in their campaigns

Companies who find it challenging to navigate their current setup to create simple landing pages or manage their content.

Current WordPress installations that are outdated because they rely on a bloated theme like Divi, Visual Composer, or too many plugins.

Business owners who've lost access to their website admin panel but want to keep the same site.

What a clean migration looks like

First, we'll take whatever access we can get to your existing hosting. We'll also make sure to provide you assistance with getting positive control of your domain name registration. Once we review what we have to start with we will start re-building your website according to best practices with a focus on performance and site speed. We don't require WordPress themes and we can often recreate the same functionality in fewer lines of code with clean custom plugins as required.

When we rebuild a website, we focus on following WordPress conventions so you can safely enable automated updates and simple website management. This is crucial for both security and to unlock all the power that is continually flowing into WordPress.

This will solve the following common challenges:

Mr. Mike loves his current plumbing website but it loads really slow and he no longer has contact with his current developer to work on the site.

Amanda runs a social media marketing company and wants to work on her clients website but the back end doesn't work or is out of date.

Your website is full of errors and doesn't load properly anymore.