Commercial Web Services

Affordable (e-commerce) web design packages from Choice OMG. These packages are developed quickly and very easy to integrate with the digital tools you already use (CRMs, ERPs, and other database applications). The work is all done for you. You get a small power team with a graphic designer, a pro writer, and of course, a development strategist who will be overseen by the online marketing director.

We Leverage the Assets You Already Have

When you retain Choice Online Marketing to manage components of your digital business, the last thing you probably want is to be overwhelmed with decisions or swamped with deadlines and deliverable.  We get that. Our support teams are ready if you feel like learning more about your campaigns, but your power team will propose solutions at every mile stone. If you need details to help you make smarter decisions, you will have them. If you prefer to delegate decision making for aspects of your commercial operations, we're ready - with decades of experience in web based business development.

Our Consultations Drive Growth

We’re not like designers that will bounce many ideas off of you and rely on a significant amount of back-and-forth. Our unique approach is to get a clear picture of what you want at the start, and then we create and design the entire project for you. We’re the experts, and we know what needs to be done. This is how we deliver such a great product with excellent value. This is how we increase profit margins for clients just like you.

Choice processes are not ideal for every project. Startups, for example, can strategically pivot in a day and that level of unpredictable makes it hard for us to plan.  However, our processes and our management style is a great fit for established commercial businesses looking to increase their profit margins either by setting up or expanding online.

We work normal business hours and we have a large professional network of marketing academics, industry contacts, and first hand experience from large Canadian projects you may already know.

Please consider a quick discussion with a development strategist to determine your proposal requirements.