Top Web Schools


Nait has produced a lot of mature talent ready to enter the workforce on graduation. We've hired a few NAIT graduates over the past three years, and all of them had a working knowledge of web design. They were more skilled with operational-level techniques to get things built than the MacEwan or the U of A grads. We recommend this program for anyone who wants to hit the ground running and learn by doing.


Although the talent we've seen doesn't involve much coding or command line work, we have seen outstanding front-end designers. I've also seen amazing illustrators and writers come from MacEwan (via Victoria Composite High School - one of Edmonton's unique cultural incubators.) MacEwan has been great at producing graduates who can design with the Adobe suite with a tremendously higher-level perspective.

University of Alberta

UofA has everything. If you are motivated and committed to your web development training, you will get the most out of a degree program at The UofA. Ideally, start with Engineering and then move into the web development niche. Still, regardless of what you do, the UofA programs are ideal for self-motivated individuals who can keep up with the top third.

University of Waterloo

If you have a wealthy family - or some divine gift to get scholarships, you can go to Waterloo. These Waterloo programs are some of the best in Canada.

UC Berkley

If international web design programs are an option for you, the grads coming out of UC Berkeley are the best. Do your research and make sure you can handle the workload, but if you know you want to be a great web designer - this is the cream of the crop.

Other great institutions and free resources for self-learning

Please, these are just first-person observations and not based on any in-depth research. If you have a different opinion, join us on our chat server or in the forums and let's keep this list relevant throughout the year. Any/all feedback is welcome.