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Custom Vector Illustration

When you want a logo for branding, it must be a true vector logo

Often, new business owners are surprised by the cost of a logo design. They see a logo as a simple graphic that doesn’t have much to it. Sometimes that’s true. Sometimes, even robots build logos.

However, firms approach professional agencies like ours when investing money into marketing and they don’t want any risk. We’re here for brands and trademarks worthy of a remark (remarkable). The clients we work with appreciate the originality and precision that goes into true illustrated vector artwork.

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Vector versus rasterized graphics - raster example
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Does your logo look pixellated when you use it?

About our Graphic Design Service

ChoiceOMG is a boutique creative graphic design team. Our expertise lies in both project management and a practical graphic design approach towards branding. We specialize in fast low-cost graphics, but our graphics are much more than simple designs. They are full featured colour coded vector graphics that can stand the test of time against large brand kits (worth thousands). You own all your copyrights and we don’t charge royalties. 

Don’t take any chances when you commit to large print campaigns or advertising a brand.

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A professionally designed logo can cost under $300. Contact one of our consultants today to learn about the various marketing and design packages we can offer you.

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