Hair Salon Promotional Posters

Hair salon poster design and printing for a local Toronto hair salon. Inside a salon, you have a captive audience. Advertising with printed posters can increase product sales. The branded professional look that comes with a professional design makes all the difference.

The process of getting a hair salon poster made and shipped is much easier than you think. First, you want to set up a video call when your hair salon isn’t so busy. If you need to keep it flexible (i.e. when your slow and between walk-ins) that’s totally cool. Just give us a call and we’ll make an appointment window for you.

Once the call is all set up, you simply click the link in your email and boom, we are sharing screens and talking in real-time. Your designer will take notes and look at everything you have to show them. If you have a webcam then even better. We can look at other posters you may already have.

It’s just like we’re there in the room with you! It is 2020 you know!

You and your designer will come up with a plan to complete the work and decide how much or little you will need to work together. Once the designs are approved, we send you the files for printing anywhere. If you are interested in having us print and ship your posters to you then we can do that for you! Right now we are offering FREE SHIPPING to Toronto or Ottawa on all hair salon posters designed and printed with Choice.

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