Suspended accounts

When your bill is unpaid

Don’t wait until your invoice becomes overdue to “cancel” services. Because at that point, we’ve already renewed them.  You can cancel at any time before the end of the service period!  Simply tell us to disable the auto-renewal and we will.  We auto-renew because MANY clients don’t want their websites to ever turn off or their domains to expire because they miss an invoice.

If you are surprised by an invoice (as sometimes people are) then call us right away.  You have a few days to dispute it (it’s in your contract) and we can make adjustments in that short window of time.  However, if you wait until the invoice becomes overdue before saying anything to us, we can’t adjust the invoice at all and you risk loss of data, deletion of accounts, or other bad things.


Unpaid invoices may result in suspension of your web hosting services. We will send a notification email regarding unpaid invoices before suspending a past-due account. We don’t phone and reminders are only a courtesy. You need to pay attention to your emails.

You will receive your first reminder which serves as a warning. The email sent will let you know where to make a payment to avoid disruption of your services. Please note: administration fees will apply whenever you have not paid an invoice for more than 30 days from receiving it or when it’s past-due.

Your account will be suspended when the final email notification is sent out. These policies provide our customers with ample time to settle their invoices.


If the outstanding balance is not paid within 30 days after the billing date your account will be terminated for non-payment and we will send the bill to collections and apply it against your credit rating.  Just talk to us and we can apply the real-person principle and work it out. It’s those who don’t pay their bills and steal our time and work that we really want to pursue – not good clients in hard times.

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