When is it Time to Rebrand?

Would you wear the same clothes you did 10 – 15 years ago? Are the things you care deeply about the same you did 20 years ago? Likely the answers to those questions are lingering around the ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ but probably not a resounding HARD yes! The same is true for brands – maybe it’s time for an upgrade, maybe the values of the business and brand have evolved or maybe the brand as it is won’t work in a new market. We look at the top 10 signs that your brand and/or business needs a mini or not so mini ‘facelift’.

Your brand has become offensive  

Times are a-changing’. Once deemed as appropriate or okay 50 years ago – may be no longer. If your brand hasn’t seen a change in over a few decades it’s okay to break what needs to be broken! This might mean a brand upgrade or a complete overhaul but likely it is time to breathe some fresh air into the companies marketing and communications (and maybe event mission, vision, and values). It is never okay to plead ignorance or use the phrase ‘well it’s been like this for…’. If your brand is making anyone uncomfortable internally or externally – it’s time to hit the fast forward button.

The vision of the business has changed, thus the brand has evolved

This happens often. A company starts with a vision, trying to solve a problem but as time continues the company seems to be going down a different path – a better path than previously ever considered! If this is the case, it is time for a rebrand to get everything in alignment with the new brand and vision of the organization. This might even be an ample opportunity to get clear on the future of the company and ensure the new brand is a testament of where you are planning to go, not just where you currently are!

Customers can’t identify you in the mix

Simply put, is your brand just really boring that people aren’t noticing it in the competitive mix of options? If you the monotone option no one seems to care about but your product or service is kick ass you just need to pump up the volume on your brand and show a little excitement! What better way to create some buzz and stir with a rebrand! Our recommendation would be to focus on what makes you better than your competition and purchase a really loud megaphone! Exciting times ahead!

People don’t ‘understand’ your brand

A brand isn’t supposed to be complicated. If the messaging, logo design and communication pieces aren’t cohesive and might even contradict themselves then something is amiss with your brand and internal marketing strategy. Maybe you are offering too much variety under one roof or brand, or maybe you just need to hit the reset button and find the linkages currently missing. Whatever it is – this is the perfect opportunity to get clear internally about who you are, what you are doing and what you are offering the public THEN clearly communicate that through your branding and materials.

You’ve simply outgrown it

Nothing dramatic happened. Operations are going fairly well. Your organizational culture is good – but there is just something missing? Maybe you aren’t as excited as you once were about your business and brand because it’s a bit blasé. You don’t need a negative headline or slumping profit margins to feel the urge to upgrade or change your brand. If you were a lone soldier at the start of your business and now you have a team – maybe you want your brand to reflect the growth and achievements you’ve been celebrating since its inception. We say, GO FOR IT!

Entering new markets

If you are taking your domestic brand and launching it on a global scale there are lots of things to consider. Looking at competitors in your new markets will help you position your brand properly depending on quality, price and product offering. When considering different languages and symbolism – make sure you consult a marketing specialist in those new markets who can help you alter your brand so you aren’t ruffling any feathers and cause a stir for all the wrong reasons!

Merging with a new company

This can be both exciting and confusing all at the same time when considering the merging of two different companies and brands. Mergers and acquisitions are usually a lengthy process and it is important to make changes once the dust has settled and the internal structure has been figured out. Once the internal direction of the new organization has been figured out and the business activities organized – that’s when the rebranding can commence. Nothing is more confusing than two companies joining and not being on the same page – this is always felt by the public no matter how hard companies try to avoid it!

The brand is associated with a negative individual or incident

Sh*t happens and after it does, you want to distance yourself from that individual or incident. You either close shop and start fresh or salvage what you can and rebrand. There is a lot of great learning to be done when a company stumbles and makes a mistake. The best is to own it and come back stronger with a brand that represents your new values and direction. Mistakes happen, it’s how you bounce back that is a true reflection of your business acumen and the evolution of your brand.

Trying to engage a new audience in your current market

Is your product or service reaching a new audience you never even considered when you launched? This is fabulous news! Making changes to your brand so it is attractive to a wider audience is never a bad problem to have. The key here is to not forget your current audience in the chase for new people. This might be a perfect opportunity for some market research and reaching out to your current and new customers. Pinpointing what makes your brand great in the eyes of more than one demographic group can help you make changes to your brand so your company continues to grow!

Your brand doesn’t match the quality of product/service

Does your brand look a little amateur or pedestrian compared to the high-quality offerings you believe your business is bringing to the table? Then it’s time for the brand to reflect the product or service. Your brand is basically your first impression before people experience what it is you do or make. Consider their assumptions in just the initial interactions – what does your logo look like? Brand packaging? Does it match with the pricing? With so much to consider even the slightest confusion or hesitation could cost you dollars!

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