Crown Plaster: A Digital Presence Reflecting Excellence in Design

Our biggest challenge on this design project was to make Elementor work with the site for the ‘below the fold’. Here is how we did it.

In the same vein of Crown Plaster's own clean, minimalist design aesthetic, we crafted a website that perfectly mirrored their modernity and uniqueness.

Features that Push Boundaries

Jan Herwig, the driving force behind Crown Plaster, has spent decades in the artisan plaster and stucco industry. His craftsmanship has enriched everything from new home builds and renovation projects to heritage restorations, and even movie sets. Our objective was to create a digital showcase that would do justice to Crown Plaster's innovative designs.

Dynamic feature graphics

Interactive Touch on the Services Page

Our approach began with the incorporation of a monochromatic colour scheme, highlighting the contemporary aspects of Crown Plaster's projects. A well-defined, boxy style was used to create a striking canvas for showcasing project photos. An inventive design feature - a horizontally scrolling project gallery, controllable via a mouse wheel, was integrated for ease of use while also enhancing user engagement.

Engaging User Interactions

One of the key challenges we encountered in this project was integrating Elementor for the 'below the fold' content, which is initially hidden to users. We overcame this challenge by employing Elementor in a way that allows a greater number of users to contribute to the site, a critical component to its success.

Horizontal swipe feature on services page
Mouseover and touch events

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