Florkowskys Website Development Case Study
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Business Overview

Florkowsky's Woodworking and Cabinets, a distinguished small cabinet manufacturer based in Alberta, embarked on a digital transformation journey with our team. Initially seeking a web designer, Florkowsky found in us not just a developer, but a strategic partner. Through our collaboration, we propelled Florkowsky to a leading position in Google search results for Sherwood Park custom cabinetry, leveraging our expertise to provide them with a significant competitive edge.

Business Challenges

Florkowsky faced unique challenges that required tailored solutions:

  • Personal Connection: Emphasizing the owners' personal investment and connection to their business was paramount. The website needed to communicate this bond to forge stronger customer relationships.
  • Professional Yet Playful: Crafting a digital presence that reflected Florkowsky's creativity and uniqueness without compromising professionalism. The challenge was to balance these aspects to accurately represent the company's ethos.

Brand Identity Reinforcement

We developed a comprehensive visual design system, detailing color schemes, fonts, and typographic details to ensure consistency and brand recognition.

Design System

Figma Mockups

Leveraging Figma, we designed detailed mockups for both desktop and mobile views. This streamlined collaboration between designers and developers, ensuring a seamless translation from design to functioning website.

Figma Design System

Website Features

The website boasts several innovative features, enhancing both user experience and back-end manageability.

Figma Design System

Custom Homepage Slider

Utilizing Framer Motion and React, we created a responsive slider that ensures swift animations across devices. Integrated with Next.js and the Sharp image library, it optimizes loading times without sacrificing visual quality.


We implemented a user-friendly backend, eliminating the need for traditional, cumbersome CMS dashboards. Our solution offers a one-click Gmail login, simplifying portfolio and gallery updates.

Our collaboration with Florkowsky's Woodworking and Cabinets exemplifies the synergy between thoughtful design and technical prowess. The project not only showcases our ability to overcome unique business challenges but also highlights our commitment to providing exceptional digital solutions.

Logo Design

Website Design for Custom Cabinets Company

Digitally manifest the owners' deep-rooted connection and commitment to their craft.

In our collaboration with Florkowsky's Woodworking and Cabinets, a renowned cabinet manufacturer in Alberta, we transcended the role of a typical web designer to become a strategic ally. This partnership enhanced their digital presence and secured Florkowsky a dominant position on Google search results for Sherwood Park custom cabinetry, significantly boosting their online visibility and competitive advantage.

Personal Connection

The critical challenge was to digitally manifest the owners' deep-rooted connection and commitment to their craft, fostering a more personal and engaging experience for website visitors.

By successfully conveying this personal touch, the website aims to build customer trust and loyalty, encouraging more meaningful interactions and conversions.

Balancing Professionalism with Playfulness

Creating a website that mirrors Florkowsky's innovative and unique designs while maintaining a professional tone was essential to reflect the company's brand identity accurately.

The right balance allows the website to appeal to a broader audience, enhancing user engagement and highlighting Florkowsky's versatility and creativity in cabinet manufacturing.

Brand Identity Reinforcement

Our development of a detailed visual design system, including colour schemes, fonts, and typographic guidelines, ensures a cohesive and recognizable brand identity across all digital platforms.

This consistency reinforces brand recognition, fostering a robust and memorable brand presence that attracts and retains customers.

Figma Mockups for Seamless Design-to-Development Transition

Utilizing Figma for detailed mockups of desktop and mobile layouts enabled a highly collaborative and efficient workflow between our designers and developers.

This approach significantly reduces development time and ensures that the final website accurately reflects the envisioned design, offering a flawless user experience on any device.

Innovative Website Features & Expected Benefits

Custom Homepage Slider

Our custom slider, built with Framer Motion and React, delivers quick and smooth animations across devices. It's optimized for speed and visual quality through Next.js and the Sharp image library.

This feature enhances the user's visual experience and interaction with the website, making it more engaging and accessible, thus increasing the likelihood of capturing and retaining user interest.

User-Friendly Custom Backend

We've streamlined the content management process by designing a custom backend that bypasses traditional, cumbersome CMS interfaces for gallery and portfolio updates.

This simplification significantly reduces the time and effort required to manage the website, making it easier to keep the site updated with the latest projects and information, thereby improving the freshness and relevance of the content for visitors.


Through strategic design and innovative technical solutions, our project with Florkowsky's Woodworking and Cabinets is poised to deliver substantial benefits, from enhanced brand recognition to improved user engagement and operational efficiency. This endeavour showcases our expertise in overcoming unique business challenges and highlights our commitment to driving tangible results for our clients.