Driving Results and Accelerated Growth: Choice OMG's Successful SaaS Marketing Case Study

Learn how Choice OMG partnered with VidDay, a video gifting SaaS company, to deliver exceptional results, increasing their ROAS by an impressive 300% in just one year.

We never expected to be in the business of making people cry, but drawing tears of joy was the objective of this transformative project. Our collaboration with VidDay, a leading video gifting SaaS company, resulted in smiles, fun, and heartwarming moments throughout our creative campaigns.

At Choice OMG, our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional client results shines through in this compelling case study. Join us as we delve into how our strategic partnership with VidDay drove a remarkable 300% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) over the course of one year.

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The SAAS Marketing Challenge

VidDay's primary goal was to expand its reach and boost revenue through effective digital advertising. As a unique software-as-a-service product, VidDay enables users to create and share personalized video gifts for their loved ones, making it an ideal solution for connecting with family and friends. Our challenge was to develop innovative campaigns that would not only drive engagement but also evoke tears of joy among VidDay's customers.

The SAAS Marketing Strategy

To help VidDay achieve its ambitious goals, Choice OMG devised a comprehensive strategy centered around two key areas: search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) management. By optimizing VidDay's website for search engines, we aimed to increase organic traffic and improve visibility. Simultaneously, our PPC management efforts focused on maximizing the efficiency of VidDay's paid advertising campaigns, ensuring they reached the right audiences and generated a high return on investment.

A crucial aspect of our strategy involved closely monitoring the competition and strategically positioning VidDay within Google's advertising ecosystem. This approach allowed us to maximize ROI and leverage machine learning to continuously improve and optimize ad campaigns in the most beneficial ways. Additionally, we conducted methodical experiments to test various geographic traits, audiences, and creative messaging, further enhancing VidDay's advertising efforts.

The Results

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★★★★★ “Very enjoyable and valuable - ongoing experience with Choice! I wish I would have choose them from the beginning!”

Through a combination of expert SEO advice and effective PPC management, Choice OMG propelled VidDay's business to new heights. Over the course of one year, we achieved an exceptional 300% increase in VidDay's return on ad spend. This significant improvement in ROAS empowered VidDay to scale its advertising efforts, expanding its customer base and driving further growth for the company.

This remarkable case study highlights the power of partnering with a professional digital marketing agency like Choice OMG. By understanding VidDay's unique challenges and leveraging our expertise in SEO and PPC management, we delivered outstanding results that transformed VidDay into a global leader in celebration gift giving.

If you're ready to scale your business and enhance your digital marketing efforts, reach out to Choice OMG today. Discover how our proven strategies and innovative approaches can help you achieve your goals while driving accelerated growth.