Transforming Optometry Clinic's Online Presence with Choice OMG's Expert Web Design Services

Explore how Choice OMG's expert web design services revolutionized the online presence of an optometry clinic, delivering a visually stunning and high-performing website. Discover the remarkable success story as we showcase our expertise in optometry web design.

Choice OMG had the privilege of partnering with a leading optometry clinic to transform their online presence into a visually stunning and high-performing platform. Understanding the critical importance of a captivating website in the optometry industry, we embarked on a mission to deliver exceptional results.

Rebuilding the Website without Compromising Performance

The optometry clinic sought to rebuild their website without disrupting the existing performance of their active Google ad campaigns and Facebook marketing efforts. Our skilled team of developers at Choice OMG collaborated seamlessly to create a dynamic new site that not only enhanced the user experience but also seamlessly integrated with their ongoing marketing strategies.

Unleashing the Power of Customization

Recognizing the unique requirements of the optometry clinic, our designers crafted a custom color scheme that reflected the clinic's brand identity and created a visually engaging experience for visitors. Leveraging our technical expertise, we implemented a custom cookie feature to remember and share visitors' preferred color scheme across devices.

Overcoming Mobile Connectivity Challenges

Optimizing the website for mobile devices posed a challenge due to intermittent connectivity issues. Our developers devised a creative solution within the WordPress framework to ensure a seamless experience for mobile users. By leveraging browser settings, we implemented a simple toggle mechanism to switch between light and dark mode, guaranteeing optimal viewing experience and aligning the website with the digital marketing strategy.

Launching the Website with Precision

Prior to the launch, we conducted a comprehensive site crawl, meticulously backing up both the old and new websites to mitigate any potential risks. This careful approach ensured a smooth transition and preserved the integrity of the clinic's online presence. After the launch, another thorough crawl was conducted to identify any errors or broken links, allowing us to promptly address them and optimize the website's performance.

Typical site crawl report

Achieving Success and Future Growth in Optometry Web Design

Since the launch of the new website, the optometry clinic has witnessed significant improvements in online visibility, user engagement, and patient acquisition. The visually stunning design, seamless functionality, and strategic integration of marketing efforts have positioned the clinic as a trusted provider of optometric services.

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This was an enjoyable project to work on, involving several of our developers and designers including Peter, Jordan and Kierra. We all got to play in the sandbox together to produce a beautiful and effective final product. If you have any questions or comments, please hit us up in the forums.