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Transforming Optometry Websites for Mobile: The Lethbridge Vision Care Success Story

Learn how Lethbridge Vision Care revamped their outdated website with a modern and user-friendly mobile web app, improving navigation and accessibility for patients.

Lethbridge Vision Care, located in Alberta, Canada, embarked on a mission to modernize its online presence by revamping its outdated website. The previous site lacked the clean and straightforward navigation essential for medical clinics. Recognizing the growing importance of mobile access, the optometry practice sought to create a mobile-friendly web app that would cater to the needs of patients on the go.

Tasked with this challenge, our team set out to design a sleek and intuitive mobile web app that would enhance the overall optometry experience for Lethbridge Vision Care's patients. To begin, we drew inspiration from the clinic's logo, which features round lines, a sans-serif font, and a limited color palette. Incorporating these elements, we crafted a visually appealing design that exuded professionalism and approachability.

One of our primary focuses was to create fluid and inviting header sections that avoided the feeling of being boxed in or constrained. We devised a graphic featuring round lines and circles, accompanied by an engaging image of a young child. This graphic served as a warm and welcoming invitation, conveying the clinic's commitment to providing eye care services for patients of all ages.

In order to achieve a sense of openness and freedom, we purposefully positioned the graphic slightly off the screen, giving the website an airy and unconstrained feel. Complemented by a bold heading, we integrated a straightforward call to action with prominent buttons for booking appointments and accessing location information. These additions facilitated easy and intuitive navigation for users.

To maintain a sense of harmony throughout the web app, we extended the use of rounded shapes to the background and the edges of service cards. Placing these cards just below the header ensured that visitors could quickly access the relevant information they needed. Additionally, we created a dedicated section for billing and eye care team details, utilizing ample white space and a graphic element that mirrored the heading.

The end result of our collaboration with Lethbridge Vision Care is a mobile web app that achieves the goals of coherence and simplicity. With coordinated colors, assets, sizing, and spacing, the web app boasts a beautifully designed interface that is both visually pleasing and easy to navigate. Its light, airy, and straightforward look ensures that patients can seamlessly interact with the website, accessing the optometry services they need.

At Choice OMG, we are dedicated to optimizing optometry websites for mobile devices, delivering exceptional user experiences that align with the evolving needs of patients. The Lethbridge Vision Care success story serves as a testament to our expertise in crafting mobile-friendly web apps that enhance accessibility and engagement within the field of optometry.

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I started by taking inspiration from their logo. It has round lines, a sans-serif font, and a small selection of colours. I incorporated these aspects into the overall design and included an eye-catching graphic as a focal point.

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to create more fluid header sections that don’t feel boxy or strict. I designed a graphic that included round lines and circles with an appealing image of a young child. Graphics communicate that the clinic welcomes patients of all ages.

Pushing the graphic slightly off the screen makes the site feel airy and unconstrained. A bold heading compliments an inviting and straightforward call to action with buttons to book an appointment or view the location.

Keeping in harmony with rounded shapes, I designed a similar background and rounded the edges of the cards. These service cards were strategically placed right below the header, making it easy for viewers to access the information. Following this is the billing and eye care team information, designed with lots of white space and a similar graphic to the heading.

The new site achieves the goals of coherence and simplicity with coordinated colours, assets, sizing, and spacing everywhere. It’s beautifully designed and easy to navigate, with a look that’s light, airy, and to the point!