Marketing a Shooting Business in West Edmonton Mall

The West Edmonton Mall Shooting Range website is a customer service-focused app to tease you with the firearm selection you can fire in WEM.

Housed within North America’s largest shopping mall is a treasure: Wild West’s extensive indoor pistol range. It attracts visitors from across the country as well as internationally. On this pistol range, you shoot a Desert Eagle, Colt 45 Magnum, or some other shoulder-busting exotic pistol.

Wild West wanted a website that was focused on customer service, so Choice OMG started with comprehensive web analytics to better understand the needs of the site’s users. We found that visitors were often looking for information on licenses and minimum age requirements. The same questions were driving most of the shooting range’s phone inquiries as well.

These analytics enabled us to create a website that was custom built to meet the needs of potential clients. The design highlights answers to the most commonly asked questions while providing additional resources about safety and range rules.

Easy access to information reduced the number of phone calls the range received to answer basic questions, and resulted in more time to accommodate group bookings. The website continues to provide excellent customer support for both new visitors and returning clientele alike.

Excellent analysis tools (on top of Google Analytics). We get big data on traffic and import into CRM.

—   Travis La Fayette
Source: Google Review Link