How to Take Effective Screenshots

We live in a digital age. Yes, you’ve heard that before so what? Well, it means that in this digital age, those who can communicate more effectively can get much more done than those who can’t. And that means being able to quickly communicate what you have in the shortest amount of time possible. That usually means with pictures, and when it comes to pictures there is nothing easier than embedding screenshots.

Your computer has a clipboard that lets you copy and paste. Just like when you copy and paste text, you can also copy and paste screenshots in the same way.


CTRL+ALT+PRINT SCREEN to copy current screen

CTRL+V to paste

You can copy and paste screens into most documents, social media accounts, and even emails.

Be sure to check out that snipping tool!

Gnome (Ubuntu, Manjaro, Arch Linux)

In Gnome you use “Shutter”

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