Get search engine optimization (SEO) from our professional team of experts. We will help you perform competitive research, prepare effective reporting, and create content that appeals to your audience.

Our SEO service includes content updates, graphic design, and website management services.

Our approach? We call it "You found it" marketing. Rather than focusing on capturing search traffic by aligning keywords, we focus on providing clear answers based on what people are actually looking for. We want them to feel like they found exactly what they needed when they land on your site.  

Working with Choice may be one of the most exciting and rewarding business decisions you make this quarter, depending on your objectives. We value integrity, loyalty, and trust both in ourselves and those with whom we do business.

Reach the Summit

The cornerstone of excellent SEO is a great user experience:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Understand "search" to learn what is "sought."
  3. Give your audience what they want

...and stay on top of it.

Business owners come to many conclusions about past search performance; but, we give you more than more conclusions. We give you actionable recommendations or we request your approval to take it eaven further and allow us to implement best-practice improvements.

Begin with a free consultation and we will go over your analytics with you to help determine your current situation. It can't hurt to get some free strategic insight.

Why choose our SEO service over that of other SEO agencies?

The significant difference between one campaign and the next is the quality of the Creative. Our SEO service includes the creative, which gives you a competitive advantage.

Content Plans and Professionally Written Content Included

Let's face it; we can't all start number one. However, we can continually improve until we get there. But how? A well-planned SEO strategy includes an understanding of behavioural trends. Knowing what people are doing with your business online is essential.

Make your site easier to use, keep your navigation simple, and watch your analytics to discover what your visitors are looking for.

Think of every search as a problem. People are always searching Google, questioning Siri, or getting recommendations from Echo. If you have the solution, then SEO is simply a matter of ensuring these systems know about you.

Do you understand what you currently have?

Unless you follow your website closely, you are probably missing opportunities. A deeper look into the traffic you already have can reveal tremendous opportunity.  A second look is always a good idea.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of programming your website to be accurately indexed by search engines.

Think about librarians using index cards at the library to organize and retrieve books. Search engines look for index cards with meta information to sort web pages. When the search engines know what you have, they will show it to the people searching for it. There are a lot of SEO descriptions floating around, but they all essentially mean the same thing. Are you showing up correctly on search?

We can only analyze search history. We can't trick the search engines. But we can use search history to forecast future search behaviour.

We can give you strategic advice to help you get ahead of competitors and improve your brand's web experience