Our Canadian web management support and SEO consulting service is robust; we 1) dive deeply into the audience's mind, 2) evaluate your web server logs, and 3) stay on top of it.

Our agency practice is full of rigorous checks by people with a can-do attitude and lots of creative spirits. For the select companies we choose to work with, we're great for each other.

Winnipeg Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from Canada and Priced in CAD

Depending on your objectives, working with Choice OMG may be a great fit. We value integrity, loyalty, and trust both in our team and with whom we do business.

Hire us to provide you with ongoing strategic direction, just like we do with businesses worldwide.

The cornerstones of excellent SEO  are the same as outstanding web experiences:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Understand "search" to learn what is "sought."
  3. Give your audience what they want

...and stay on top of it.

Business owners come to many conclusions about past search performance; having an extensive data set linking your customer search to the sale give you more decision power. The only difference between one campaign and the next is the quality of the Creative. How you get to that conclusion is irrelevant.

You get a great deal in Canadian Dollars (CAD) when you get a Canadian SEO company.

Are you interested in adding Google Ads or Facebook Ads to your marketing campaign?  Check out those rates here.

There's no magic bullet, secret recipe, or automated system that can increase your rank. We look for creative ways to improve the quality of your website, speed, and overall user experience. We work ahead of the search engines, not behind them.

Content Plans and Professionally Written Content Included.

Let's face it; we can't all start number one. However, we can continually improve until we get there. But how? A well-planned SEO strategy includes an understanding of behavioural trends. Knowing what people are doing with your business online is essential.

Think of every search as a problem. People are always searching Google, questioning Siri, or getting recommendations from Echo. If you have the solution, then SEO is simply a matter of ensuring these systems know about you.

Do you understand what you currently have?

Unless you follow your website closely, you are probably missing opportunities. A deeper look into the traffic you are currently getting may reveal tremendous opportunities.  A second look is always a good idea.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of programming your website to be accurately indexed by search engines.

Think about librarians using index cards at the library to organize and retrieve books. Search engines look for index cards with meta information on them to sort web pages. When the search engines know what you have, they will show it to the people searching for it. There are a lot of SEO descriptions floating around, but they all essentially mean the same thing. Are you showing up correctly on search?

We can only analyze search history. We can't trick the search engines. But we can use search history to forecast future search behaviour.

We can give you strategic advice to help you get ahead of competitors and make a better web experience for your brand.