Get search engine optimization (SEO) from Choice OMG. We provide:

  • competitive research,
  • website management,
  • writing & graphic design,
  • analytics, and
  • currated content.

Our SEO service is robust and starts at $600 per month.

Our approach? We call it "You found it" marketing. Rather than capturing search traffic by solely tweaking keywords, we focus on providing problem agitate solution (PAS) content to provide more meaningful information to searchers.

Every search is a challenge or a question and by providing the best and most valuable solution, we stay ahead of the search algorithms. We want visitors to feel like they found exactly what they needed when they land on your site.  

Working with Choice may be your most exciting and rewarding business decision. We value integrity, loyalty, and trust in ourselves and those with whom we do business. This means that we are a little more selective with whom we work, and if we are a good fit for each other, the results will be exciting.

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Choice OMG Digital Advisor - Peter Jaffray, CD BCom MBA

Reach the Summit

The cornerstone of excellent SEO is a great user experience:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Understand "search" to learn what is "sought."
  3. Give your audience what they want

...and stay on top of it.