Get Google Ads from a Pro Agency

Target People Looking For What You Have

Regardless of whether you are just starting with Google Ads or looking to boost your current campaigns, our expert approach will optimize your advertising for maximum return. With our help, you will see real results quickly and efficiently.

Appear on Search, YouTube, & Every Day Apps

Your ads will instantly appear on the first page of Google for high-demand queries, ensuring a flow of interested visitors to your website


Webform Leads

Generating leads through advertising is efficient, fast, and cost-effective.


Sales Calls

Reach your audience and boost sales on your e-commerce website.


Chat or SMS Inquiries

Increase the number of customer calls with ads that feature your phone number and a "click to call" button.


NEW WhatsApp Options

Allow customers to directly message to you.

Get Your Business Connected Online With Choice OMG

Your ads will instantly appear on the first page of Google for high-demand queries, ensuring a flow of interested visitors to your website

Professional Management

Efficiently launch targeted advertising campaigns with our expert assistance. By managing your online ads, we free up time so you can focus on the tasks that matter most.

Expert Technical Execution

Ensure optimal use of your budget with our strict control over account quality and prevention of costly mistakes.

Conversion Measurement that Works

We ensure your campaigns comply with industry best practices, increasing their relevance and reducing cost per click.

Custom 1-1 Deep Dives and Training

Through optimizing account structure and implementing effective changes, we maximize the return on your advertising investments.

KPI Reporting and Presentations

Utilize our specialized expertise to develop and implement powerful strategies in your niche, ensuring continuous improvement in efficiency.

Your Digital Marketing Consultant

With our regular reports and audits, you will always be informed of progress and results, seeing rapid improvement in performance.

How Google Ads Works

  • Campaigns are always created with your location and budget in mind.
  • Promotional advertisements are organized into Ad Groups, each targeting specific audiences and featuring tailored landing pages or videos.
  • Google dynamically manages specific ad placements based on various conversion goals and performance metrics.
  • We can set up your campaigns to run only when it generates a positive ROI for your business.
  • You can define your own conversion metrics. A phone call, a purchase, or a checkout can be set up as a conversion.

With professional assistance and deeper integration with business software, conversions can be defined as detailed steps within a funnel, including key page views, audience membership, lead qualification, and the final transaction value.

It is possible to automatically assess customer lifetime value and receive meaningful recommendations!

How Google Ads Works

Stay in Full Control of Your Budget

Pause your campaigns at any time and focus your resources on what works.

Our contracts are flexible, offering month-to-month terms, meaning we can suspend your Google Ads anytime. We can also increase budgets and customize services to focus on strategies that align with your goals.

We Work With The Best

Health and Wellness Industry

We enhance patient acquisition for dental clinics, optometric centers, massage parlours, and cosmetic clinics by optimizing online presence and advertising strategies.

Building and Home Improvement Services

We increase visibility and orders for HVAC companies, design studios, and building material manufacturers through targeted and effective advertising.

Tourism and Hospitality Sector

We expand the customer base for tour operators and travel providers, increasing bookings through innovative marketing campaigns.

Contractors, Ecommerce Merchants, and Professional Services

We boost sales and engagement for online platforms offering virtual products and services with customized advertising solutions.

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Take the Next Step

Whether you're building a website from scratch, or just want to optimize, we can help. Contact us today, and let's unlock the full potential of your brand.

Answers to Your Questions

How long will it take to set up my advertising campaign?

Typically, no more than three (3) days. Depending on the complexity of the campaign and your specific requirements. Our initial analysis and strategic planning are key stages that help us optimize the process and ensure the effectiveness of the campaign from the start.

Do you have reports or analytics?

Yes. You have full access to your Google Ads account (and all the properties we use), but we supplement the full reporting suite with additional summary reports and performance reviews. Custom dashboard reporting is also available.

What makes Choice OMG better than other agencies?

We put the work in. Our team works hard to stay on top of changing trends and continues to provide reliable performance day in and out. We work as a team and don’t hide behind junior account managers when we correspond with you. Our experience and our passion for winning drives us with near-perfect client retention (and growth) month to month without any term contracts. We earn the money our clients pay us, each and every month.