Building a Strong SMB Presence on Social Media

Crafting the Perfect Facebook Post: A Guide for SMBs

Creating an effective Facebook post can be challenging, but we’ll help you understand the key elements. It’s worth your effort, considering the platform's numerous advantages. Read our blog and get set to leverage your Facebook presence to its fullest potential.

Facebook is a tough nut to crack. It offers exponential reach but also frustrates users with confusing and often-changing algorithms, meaning that it’s hard to nail down exactly what makes a perfect Facebook post.

That said, there are still some things SMBs will want to keep in mind when crafting their messages on social platforms. A well-constructed post can have the effect of grabbing your audience’s attention as they scroll through their feed, which is difficult to do considering the volume of posts they have available to them.

Even if you find the algorithm confusing, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of what could pop your message to the top of the feed and increase the likelihood it’ll be seen by a larger audience.

You’ll see the greatest success if you think about it as more than just a status update. Instead, it’s your opportunity to share a carefully curated message that can drive action and leave a lasting impact. Here’s what you should know to help you write a killer Facebook post.

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Maximizing Reach on Facebook

Yes, it’s a tad confusing, but the algorithm is broken down into these core elements:

Inventory: This aspect looks and what’s been posted already, by friends and the pages that the user follows. It enables the platform to share content that’s being distributed by its users’ closest connections.

Signals: This takes into consideration all the tiny details, like who’s posting and when, what time of day is it, and how reliable and fast the user’s internet connection is. You can’t really control this but it’s good to be aware that the visibility of your messaging might be affected by it.

Predictions: The algorithm aims to figure out how likely a user is to engage with particular posts, by making comments or reading through to the end, for example. It wants to feed users posts that will be most meaningful to them. By creating posts that invite engagement, you’re more likely to get noticed by the algorithm.

Score: Finally, the algorithm assigns a score based on how interested users are likely to be, calculating probabilities for actions like clicking, spending time with a post, liking, sharing, or commenting, and other similar actions. This helps them determine whether or not users are likely to find your post relevant.

It’s not exactly a checklist of what to do, but understanding what kinds of things the Facebook algorithm is examining can help you determine how to create a post that will make the cut and be pushed in front of the largest possible audience. So make sure you’re keeping these things in mind as you consider the rest of our tips.

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The Anatomy of a Killer Facebook Post

For the best chance of success with your Facebook post, here’s what we recommend you focus on:

Awesome visuals: You’re only going to have a second to two to snag your audience’s attention, so put your best foot forward with high-quality images. It’s a good idea to avoid generic stock photos if you can, as these won’t create the kind of brand recognition or spark the interest you’re looking for. Instead, focus on eye-catching images and videos, or incorporate multiple high-quality images into a carousel format.

Great copy: Don’t stop there. Keep up the momentum by adding simple, clear copy that nails your message succinctly. It’s usually best to keep things on the shorter side here, since anything over 80 characters will be auto-truncated on the mobile app. Aim for shorter than this, and always focus on putting your most important information or strongest messaging at the beginning.  

A value proposition: What value does your post offer? What will your audience gain from engaging with it? Be upfront about the information, entertainment, or special offer you have to share, which is the incentive for your audience to pause and read your post.

A compelling CTA: No matter what kind of content you’re producing—from short Facebook posts to blogs that can run thousands of words—you always want to think about the action you’re trying to persuade your audience to take. The call to action should be simple and clear, but adding a sense of urgency (like a time-limited option) is often a good way to drive engagement, too.

Relevant hashtags: This can help to increase the discoverability of your post, but use restraint so that you’re not overdoing it. Too many hashtags will make it look spammy and turn your audience off of your messaging.

Consistency: Posting regularly and consistently with a somewhat predictable schedule helps to keep your audience engaged and looking forward to your next post. It’s a great idea to create a posting schedule—and to stick with it.

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Why Perfecting Your Facebook Game is Worth It

With Facebook’s algorithms evolving frequently, it can be challenging to stay on top of the changes so that you ensure your content reaches your target audience effectively. While it might be frustrating, it’s worth the effort, with Facebook’s reach expanding to over two billion daily users, according to Statista.

And beyond your posting schedule, Facebook also offers SMBs a number of other advantages. Its advertising platform allows for highly targeted campaigns, for example, which means you’ll benefit from precise audience segmentation. This will enable you to maximize the return you see on your advertising efforts substantially.

Facebook provides valuable data about your page’s performance which allows you to gain insight into what’s working (or what’s not). You can then fine-tune your strategy accordingly to boost results.

It’s also an ideal platform for building brand recognition and loyalty. It starts by enabling you to include your logo and carefully craft consistent messaging, but it also extends to the ability to build a community around your brand. Facebook offers you the opportunity to engage personally with your audience by responding to messages and comments directly.

The platform even provides lots of opportunity to experiment with different types of content, including videos, live streams, stories, and carousel ads. By diversifying your content, you’re more likely to keep your audience engaged.

Make the Most of Facebook Opportunities

Navigating the ever-changing Facebook landscape and algorithms can be overwhelming for SMBs. This is where a professional marketing company can help. We’re well-versed in the intricacies of Facebook, and while the algorithm does change frequently, we stay on top of it, along with best practices and all the latest trends.

This depth of understanding enables us to create tailored strategies for SMBs that focus on your unique goals and target audience. We team up expert content creators with strategy developers who understand and analyze the data, meaning we’re constantly making data-driven adjustments that improve performance.

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