Please feel free to contact us about anything you see in our portfolio. We encourage media enquiries and if you would like to talk to us about awards... the answer is yes. Always yes. We crave recognition. Posts in this section.

Expert Stucco Marketing Services

Most of us love our castles. The place we call home in all its majesty is the headquarters of our kingdom. That's why we choose stucco to plaster the exterior of our homes just like artisans have been doing for millennia.

Alysa Shuman
∙ 1 minute read

Marketing Teeth in The USA

Creative sets can loosely be translated into digital campaigns or ad groups. We call them creative sets (here at Choice) because they are a "Set" of creative messages without any restrictions on the digital form they take.

Peter Jaffray
∙ 3 minutes read

A Fresh Look for Partner Companies

Skyline Crane and Ken’s Crane Service wanted to differentiate themselves while retaining a shared brand. Choice designers were up to the challenge and the result is two unique pages that incorporate the companies’ colours and branding with entirely fresh looks.

Jennifer Lemon
∙ 1 minute read

Site Design Reboot

It can be very refreshing for a company to re-brand and create a new site. It attracts new customers as well as inviting back old ones. In a fast-paced digital environment, it’s important to keep your business looking fresh and modern!

Kierra Dahlin
∙ 1 minute read

Custom WordPress for Beauty Business

When our designer set to work on a website for MBB by Jess, she knew exactly how she wanted it to look: ethereal and feminine, but also inclusive. Playing off of the client’s existing logo, Kierra created an online space that feels much like Jess’ business itself....

Jennifer Lemon
∙ 2 minutes read

Bower Eye Care Website Project

The creative developers and designers at Choice OMG joined forces with our online marketing experts to build this dynamic and mobile-friendly site. Bower Eye Care clinics are now reaching new heights with a webpage that’s streamlined and easy to use.

Mike Ormerod
∙ 1 minute read

Funky Monster Characters

It all started when a cannabis company, PokeBud, contacted us for a new website and rebranding. Their original site was extremely slow to navigate through and the overall design was cluttered with no real call to action. They also had a number of eye-catching monster characters throughout the...

Kierra Dahlin
∙ 1 minute read
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