Graphic design opportunity

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      AvatarCorey White

      Hi there I received your email and just want to say thanks for getting back to me, all my work that I’ve completed is on my website

      Please let me know what you think thanks again Corey White

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      Cool animation ideas and some decent work. How long have you been designing for?

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      AvatarCorey White

      I graduated in December 2019 and only been designing since school so about a year in a half

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      Your on the right track bro. Your colours and fonts should be next in your journey

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      AvatarCorey White

      Thanks I’m learning everyday. Your right as well I’m learning colour and fonts as I draw on computer it is very essential that I learn it

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      AvatarKevin Nienhuis

      Hi there! I’ve been doin’ this over 20 years and it never stops being a challenge — and never stops being fun! Hope you’ll give serious consideration to my application! Thank YOU!

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      How is everyone doing right now with all the COVID layoffs? I was just laid off at a firm because they lost one of their biggest clients. In fact they cut the firm by 30% of all of their graphic designers.

      At least its good to see communities growing around graphic designer job hunting. I recommend checking out the Canadian Job Board if you need as well. It’s got a lot of great resources for job hunting.

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