Graphic Designer position now open. Work from home.

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      Alysa ShumanAlysa Shuman

      Good day,

      Today we are announcing a new position we’ve created at ChoiceOMG. We’re hiring up to three new home-based graphic designers. If you know Adobe CC and you have a strong Behance profile then you are probably a great fit. You can apply in the Job section on our website.

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      Alysa ShumanAlysa Shuman

      It’s great to see all the applications flow in! I just want to remind everyone to please include portfolio work. We’ve got a lot of talent to parse through and having a good portfolio makes all the difference. Unfortunately, there is no way I can respond to all the emails (last night there were approximately 25).

      I’m qualifying people based on the following criteria so you can focus on making these points clear in your messages:

      1. Does the portfolio show Illustration work (I.E. Vector Artwork)
      2. Is there at least 1 year of experience or alternatively do they have professional schooling in graphic design?
      3. General talent comment – Do I see potential or demonstrated excellence in the portfolio?

      Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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      Are you getting emails for Graphic Designers?

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      AvatarMarvin Tang

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        AvatarMarvin Tang

        Can you delete this one I thought I was suppose to hand in a cover letter

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        Lol. Well we know your attention to detail is … Well… You get it.

        Lol. Just messing with you. Yea I’ll delete it.

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      These are public forms. You should not post private data on them.

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      Hey! I live in rural Ontario. Is working from home just because of the COVID-19 situation or could it be a permanent thing? I have kids and can’t do a normal schedule but I love writing. I have a foodie blog where I do gormet from home. Writring is my passion.

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        I can’t find your portfolio in the email. Can you post or re-send, please? Also make sure I can tell it’s yours, Kimberly.

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      AvatarGaurav Upp

      I had shared my resume with you a few days ago. I was told to reach out because you liked my portfolio. Just wanted to say ‘Hi’. Stay Safe!


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      Where are you from?

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      Anton – send your resume to “” and put the subject “[Choice] Applicant Details: Anton Z….”

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      Alysa ShumanAlysa Shuman

      He’s the applicant from TO.

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      AvatarCarly Meuters-Murphy

      My name is Carly! I was told in an email to share my portfolio here to supplement my job application. My website portfolio is here

      Thank you!

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      Alysa ShumanAlysa Shuman

      Hi Carly! Thank you for sharing your portfolio. We got so many ‘international’ email applicants that its refreshing to see a Canadian designer respond to the email. I like your website 🙂

      We will keep you posted.

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      Hello. I have a portfolio website and can be viewed here. Thank you for your time!

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        Hi Anna,

        Very nice portfolio. We will definitely be in touch.

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        Hi Peter,

        I was e-mailed a follow-up, and replied a few days ago but I haven’t received a response. I was wondering if my reply got through? Thanks!

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      AvatarWilliam Frost

      Hello, I’ve submitted my resume and at your request here’s my portfolio website !

      Have a great week everyone, stay safe.

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      AvatarLeo Mark


      I applied for the Graphic design job and just dropping my portfolio here.

      Thank you!!

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      AvatarXingyi Deng

      Hello. Here is the link to my website. Link
      Hope you have a great day!

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      AvatarCorey White

      Hi there I received your email and just want to say thanks for getting back to me, all my work that I’ve completed is on my website

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      AvatarSam Prowse


      I applied for the graphic designer position! Here is the link to my portfolio:

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      Alysa ShumanAlysa Shuman

      Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your portfolios. We’re checking them all out and sending out emails for interviews already!

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      AvatarMegan Sroka


      I applied for the graphic designer position at your company! The link to my portfolio is here

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      please check my portfolio here


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      If you don’t get an interview request today just be patient. We are working through the list and are not done yet.

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      AvatarHans J Rasmussen

      I sent an email with some samples. Here is a link to my website.

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      Hi Peter,
      I am not Canadian, I am from India
      I don’t have a work visa

      I am trying to get migrated to Canada
      And I was in an assumption as this is a work from home opportunity


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        Hello Ajith – These particular jobs we have open are Canadian. You could be subcontracted (i.e. your work would be “imported”) and if there was a shortage of graphic designers locally you could be sponsored too. Maybe one day we would go down that road but not at this time.

        Thank you. And BTW your work looks great!

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      Thank you, Peter!
      Hoping we may cross paths in future 🙂

      Have a good day, stay safe and stay healthy

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      AvatarAndres Sevilla

      Hello, thank you for receiving my information.
      Just a couple of things; I sent my product design portfolio, and in this link I have graphic design projects as well. The second thing is my cellphone has an area code at the beginning (+52).
      I hope you like my work.

      Thank you so much!

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        Andrés – Nice use of Elementor! I can also see you have great attention to detail. I recommend all the fresh designers take some lessons from you.

        I will contact you personally via other means.

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      AvatarMario Madjarov

      Hi folks,

      Good to see you, hope you are all holding tight during this pandemic outrage.
      Anyways, I have applied for the Graphic Designer opening as advertised on LinkedIn and I am here to drop a line and salute you all!

      Here’s the link to my web portfolio

      Take care,
      Mario M.

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      AvatarAndres Sevilla

      Hi Peter, thank you very much for your comments. I’ve responded already to your email a few days ago. In case you did not receive it, I’ve forwarded the email from my personal account.
      I’m looking forward to your response.
      Thank you!


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      AvatarC. Stephania Carbonio

      Hello Choice Team,

      I just submitted my application for the Graphic Designer position — YAY! So exciting.

      I just thought I would drop by, say Hola and remind everyone to stay hydrated!


      Stephania Carbonio

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      AvatarJennifer Cortez

      Hey! I applied for the Graphic Design position and I figured I should drop my website/portfolio here.



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      Jenny – Stuff looks great!

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      Attention – We’ve narrowed down the list of candidates to 4. Due to the large number of applications (almost 1,000) I’ve handed over the job of selections to dreams@ who will contact the four who are selected with next steps.

      Unfortunately it isn’t feasible to email each applicant individually at this time. HOWEVER – We’ve had a huge influx of work so please stay in touch. Also are there any of you who are interested in piecemeal work? I.E. one contract job at a time?

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