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      AvatarCarter Booth

      My cat is currently staring at me. She’s got this facial expression that kinda says “Why are you typing all of this”.

      I don’t know Dilla, and why do you care. Kibble only costs $20 a month. I could just busk on the streets and feed you. Why do you care about how many jobs I’m applying for.

      Infact Dilla, I’ve been supporting YOU for 2 years. Why don’t YOU go get a job and support ME for a change! You can hunt mice! I’m sure theirs great money in catching mice. If you find a rat, you can get around $75 for it! Come on little cat, think outside the box!

      Alright, back to my coffee and toast.

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      Nice. I like how you walked me through an experience 🙂

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