The Scariest Story Ever Told – With a Disney Worthy Ending

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      AvatarKim W.

      Gather round kiddos and I will tell you a terrifying tale of a girl who jumped without making sure her parachute was going to open. A story so scary, so ridiculous (and actually almost predictable) of the girl who is currently mid-air, without a functional parachute and looking for a soft pile of hay to land in to break her fall.

      This is the story of a girl who took a job in the next province over, moved herself and her boyfriend in the middle of a pandemic so hair raising that Nostradamus could have been the only one to see it coming.

      Scared yet? Nah… of course you aren’t! Not you, you are a big strapping young lad, that wouldn’t be enough to scare you! But what if I told you, about the girl who leapt without realizing that her taxes and deductions would eat up more of her new paychecks than originally planned and that she needed to make up that shortfall so that she could support the small family she moved out to a whole nother province? That’s enough to let out a scream that Gustav Klimt would be proud of.

      But what’s this? You’re so sad for the girl that you can’t help but shed a tear and want to know what she did? Don’t worry friends, gather in tighter and I’ll tell you how this girls story ends… She found some good people who were in need of her awesome writing skills (alongside her savvy marketing mind developed during her communications degree at Mount Royal University and 4 years of content development at an agency). You see, her soon-to-be good pals over at Choice Marketing gathered up some hay and gave her a nice space to land, letting her make up her shortfall with freelance writing work.

      Now now kiddos, wipe those tears. No need to be sad for our silly heroine who didn’t look before she lept, you can find her living her best life in BC with her boyfriend, her little dog, and just enough dollars to pay the bills.

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