Managed Google Ads Campaigns by Choice OMG

Professional Google Ads Management

We’ll take care of everything. Tell us about your product or service and let us get leads from Google Ads campaigns using Discovery, Display, and of course Search. Our advertising professionals have over a decade of experience.

Google Ads Management Service
We provide a service to act on your behalf as your agency to interact with Google Advertising. We charge a flat management fee and the Google accounts, advertisements, and all other accounts are yours.
PPC University of Alberta
PPC Furniture Store
Anytime Fitness PPC Campaign

BENEFIT - It's much more effective with an experienced certified ads professional

You don’t need to be hands on. But if you would like to be, that is absolutely fine too. Participate as much or as little as you like in your campaigns. Simply tell us your objective and let us run with it, or provide a style guide, creative brief, or add us onto your current Google Ads team and let’s collaberate.

We don’t pretend to have a “special” secret sauce. We effectively use the tools Google provides and we get the work done quickly. 

Professionally managed digital marketing campaigns are an effective way to connect with more business online.

Online advertising has change a lot over the past two years. There are more advanced bidding strategies and dynamic ad types. This means digital ad spend can closely match your target cost per lead and using Google’s machine learning, ads are assembled at the time of delivery for each and every person.

Google’s new audience targetting methods and customer match lists allow us to show your ads mostly to those who want to see it. The benefits include more “in target” placements and a reduced bounce rate.

Dynamic discovery

Get your ads on YouTube and inside of Gmail accounts everywhere based on the audience parameters we set.

Conversion based bidding

Focus on the cost per lead and your return on ad spend. Don’t worry about keyword bidding.

Remarketing & similar audeinces

Control what ads your current customers, patients, and clients see while making sure they see it enough times to remember it. Find new customers based on the characteristics of your existing ones. 

Monthly reporting

You don’t want to be left in the dark when it comes to performance. Meet with your account strategist once a month and review the performance of your campaigns together on a private video call.

What drive us?

We do this all day and we're pretty good at it

Our mission statement is to “Be the slingshot.” That statement comes from the old story of David and Goliath where David, although much smaller in stature, was able to take down Goliath with a slingshot. 

We believe in a better world consuming better products from smaller/local businesses and a better world consuming less. Period. 

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