Internet Marketing Apps

Internet Marketing Apps

Effective digital marketing apps that every internet advertisor should install if they own a business. Analytics, Ads, Facebook, and more.
Google Ads Management Service
We provide a service to act on your behalf as your agency to interact with Google Advertising. We charge a flat management fee and the Google accounts, advertisements, and all other accounts are yours.

Internet marketing can be a very effective form of mobile advertising.

Your Adwords Professional will actively manage your campaign in collaberation with a Choice Strategist and a Choice Creative.

You receive marketing consultations to determine goals and review tactics. Choice Strategists generate reports on competitive information and conversion analytics. ROI is presented clearly along with current bids and ad auction results.

We rapidly deploy custom landing pages to increase conversions.

Conversion Tracking

We leverage the power of enhanced bidding techniques such as pay-per-conversion or acquisision (CPA Bidding) and track everything.

Landing Pages and Micro-website Design

Affordable website design packages. Custom crafted for your ad campaign and integrated into your web advertising ecosystem.

Instant access to campaign information

Get the Google Ads smartphone app to see this weeks costs and conversions.

Download Google Ads for Android

Download Google Ads for iOS

Instant access to visitor data

Install Matomo analytics and get more data on your visitors. Matomo is a self-hosted opensource analytics platform like Google Analytics, however it provide more information IMMEDIATELY and parses through the server log files.

Download Matomo for Android

Download Matomo for iOS

Website traffic analytics

Audience trends and traffic sources from Google Analytics

Get the Google Analytics smartphone app to see data trends over time in an easy-to-use application with lots of help and features. Although GA has some real-time monitoring many of the conversion and advertising metrics are delayed (sometimes for days).

Download Google Analytics for Android

Download Google Analytics for iOS

Internet Marketing Apps
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