A friendly face can make all the difference when you run into car trouble. AltaCan Towing is a fast and reliable towing service in the Edmonton area, and Choice OMG built a website that reflected their friendly and dependable nature.

On this project, designer Kierra Dahlin had the artistic freedom to explore bold colours and patterns. She balanced these details by making it easy for customers to find what they needed. A phone number button remains prominently displayed in the corner as you navigate the site, and the contact button is front and centre, so it's no problem to find it from your mobile device even when you're stuck on the road.

The website also features an overlapping design that adds visual interest while maintaining the site's simplicity. A unique hanging tow hook element clinches an engaging campaign by adding a playfulness that casts a happier light on needing a towing service.

Finally, Kierra used a card layout to communicate why customers should choose AltaCan. Kierra's artistic approach to website design successfully captured the impact that a positive towing experience can have.AltaCan'ss website now stands out amongst the competition regarding getting your car - and yourself - rescued by a towing superhero.