Cutting Edge Website Development Process

Your website has an obvious objective. That is to improve your business and to communicate with your customers and clients. There are many secondary and tertiary stakeholders to consider, but so long as your main objective is clear, this process will work well for you.

Get ready with a plan

We break the process down into three main stages. Each stage must be completed (and approved by you) before moving forward to the next stage.

Website UI/UX Design Mockup

During the first stage, all focus is on design and layout. Mockups will be sent to you for feedback or approval. These design mockups show you fonts, colours, and the planned layout.

We use the advanced Adobe software suite including XD and Illustrator to mock up the layout and placeholder “lorem ipsum” text. We also use stock images (which you have the option of keeping).

Content Marketing Plan

During the content stage, our professional writing team creates all of the text, writing, and messaging for your website. If you opt to provide your own content, then you will provide it at the beginning of this stage.

Based on the written content, supporting images are selected from professional stock photos or photos you provide.

Website Launch

We take the mockup and the content document, and we build the site for your review.

You have a set period of time to request as many changes as you like (unlimited) until you are satisfied or the revision period ends.

The website will be hosted on a private address until published. Once published, you will be provided with the credentials to your website.

What you can expect

You can expect to have a complete website running online that looks like the agreed upon mock up from stage 1 and has the content provided in stage 2.

Unless specified otherwise, your website will be based on WordPress which is a full-fledged content management system. People will be able to see your website and access it from any device.

Make sure you know what to expect, because we are NOT promising you a website that will generate business on it's own. 
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